Vegan Marathon Runner needs sponsors

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Vegan Marathon Runner needs sponsors

Postby Mary » Sun Oct 24, 2004 1:16 pm

Please circulate far and wide!

Fiona Oakes is a truly amazing woman! She is a veteran marathon runner and retained firefighter and still manages to run an animal sanctuary. All of the animals that are part of Fiona's 'family' are truly loved and cared for.

Please sponsor Fiona in the Florence Marathon!!

Sponsor an animal in need this winter

My name is Fiona Oakes and I single handedly run Towerhill Stables Animal Sanctuary in Essex. It is a privately run animal sanctuary caring for over 250 rescued animals including 21 horses, 5 cows, 21 pigs, 24 goats, 50 cats, 10 dogs as well as countless smaller animals and birds. I will be running the Florence Marathon in November in the hope of raising desperately needed funds for the sanctuary as well as raising awareness for animal rights/issues and veganism in general. I hope to run under 2 hrs 50 minutes and in doing so prove that,as a vegan, you can be healthy, fit and strong - a fact which the athletics world seems to refuse to take on board. My preparations have been going well having won various local races including most recently, the Fiveways Tiptree 10 mile last Sunday.

If anyone would like to sponsor me or help in any way or have any questions about the sanctuary, please e-mail me at or take a look at the website

Many thanks

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Postby Malcolms Billy » Sun Oct 24, 2004 2:48 pm

Nice one for posting Mary! :D I will be sponsoring Fiona, as well as trying to make it to a Vegan Festival or 2 to sell dog biscuits, in aid of Tower Hill Stables.

Who else is going to sponsor Fiona? Come on guys, there's 100's of British members on this board, if we can all just spare a couple of quid that'd make a helluvalot of difference to all of Fiona's 250+ animals this winter!

And as there are a lot of weightlifters on this board too: imagine what it's like to look after 250 animals, including horses, cows, pigs and sheep,nearly singlehandedly, that really makes your average workout a walk in the park! :wink:

See ya,
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Postby V VII Hero » Sun Oct 24, 2004 6:36 pm

cool, how do we sponsor her? I can give what little dollars I do have to help out. :D
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