Veganfitness newsletter 2/04

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Veganfitness newsletter 2/04

Postby JP » Sat Apr 17, 2004 7:29 am

Hello board members!

Hope you are all well and are having an active time.

The board is doing very well, more members have joined and the board has turned into quite a busy place. It's getting more difficult to keep up with whats going on, so do check back often.

Also check out the technical tips further down in this newsletter on how to subscribe to threads if you are not able to visit back often enough.

We currently have over 300 members with over 5000 posts - hopefully something for everyone. And if not, be sure to start a new thread :-)

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Changes on the board:

Some changes have taken place since the last newsletter and we have two new sections:

Vegan activism and events:

Ethics, politics and current events

Also check out New member introductions at:

Over 80 new and old members from various backgrounds, sports, interests etc have already introduced themselves there.

Please bear with us as we organise things. The board is still quite new and we are trying to find ways to organise information in the best way to serve the wide range of interests board users have. In future we hope to make the training forums a bit more sport specific if there is enough interest to do so.

Plyometrics by Prenna

Most people who are engaged in some form of athletic pursuit rely on both strength and speed as part of their activities. To help improve these aspects of fitness coaches and athletes have been a system of exercise known as plyometrics. Plyometrics were developed in Eastern Europe for Olympic competitors. These athletes saw greater improvements than when they worked on separate speed and strength exercises. Since they were first developed plyometrics have been used by athletes from all over the sporting world, from combat sports to skating.

Plyometric exercises stretch the muscle being used just before a sharp, explosive contraction. An example of this is in the vertical jump test, where the quadricep muscles are stretched in the squatting motion just before the athlete jumps vertically upward in an explosive contraction of the quadriceps.

Some Example Plyometric Exercises:

Lower body

- Tuck Jumps: Stand on a spot and jump vertically and try to bring your knees up to your chest. This is one of the more low intensity plyometric exercises.

-Bounding: As it sounds, just perform multiple bounds forward while trying to spend as little time in contact with the ground as possible. This is a medium intensity exercise.

-Box Drops: Stand on a low box and allow yourself to drop off it to the ground. As soon as you make contact with the ground attempt to spring straight back up onto the box again. This is a very high intensity plymetric exercise and should be left until you have been doing plyometrics for some time.

Upper Body

- Situps with a Clap: These are performed as normal except that as you push up you allow your hands to leave the floor and clap. The idea is again to spend as little time as possible in contact with the floor to gain maximum explosiveness.

As with all exercises proper warm up's and cool down's must be performed. As you begin to explore plyometrics you will start to come up with ideas for more sport specific exercises. The main things to remember are that the movements must be fast and explosive and performed with good form. As this type of exercise works the muscle so intensively it is not something to be done every day but if plyometrics are incorporated into your routines you will see a great increase in your overall power.


Technical tip:

Subscribing to a thread

If you can't visit the board often enough but there are threads which you would like to get notified in case there are any new replies, click on the "Watch this topic for replies" link. It's on the bottom left side part of the page, just under the "New Topic" and "Post Reply" buttons. You need to be logged in to use this feature. You will then get an email notification when the thread gets new replies.

When you reply to a message or start a new thread you can also subscribe to the thread by checking the "Notify me when a reply is posted" checkbox.

Do not worry about this newsletter clogging up your mail inbox as it will come out only once every 1-3 months or so. If you wish to change your email, please use the profile edit page at: ... ditprofile

Any comments on this newsletter, please see:
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