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Re: Prague

Postby DanLights » Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:00 pm

I'm gonna be in Prague for 4 days in 2 weeks' time, going with my wife, we're both vegan. It seems we unintentionally chose a great place for a vegan to spend vacations, thanks for all this info, I'm making my little schedule right now! I know it's almost a year old, but Twoism (or anyone, really), could you give some more info or a link on that free guided tour? It sounds interesting.
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Re: Prague

Postby JP » Wed Jul 24, 2013 6:45 pm

cool, enjoy your trip :)
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Re: Prague

Postby ORLYLOL » Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:12 pm

...and the beer :D
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