What Am I Doing Wrong? - Weightloss

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What Am I Doing Wrong? - Weightloss

Postby EcoWarriorGirl » Tue Dec 04, 2012 2:14 pm

I am not sure if this is the right place, but here it goes.
I have been trying to lose weight now for a while, i seriously started 6 months ago. I am 20 years old, 5"8 in height, i weigh 95kg. Obvioulsy Vegan :)
I think i should be losing but i am not, i dont know what i am doing wrong and would love another point of view.
I eat three meals a day, and rarely snack. I eat little processed foods, no drugs and dont drink alcohol, or fizzy drinks.
Average food a day (& Approx timing) consists of:
8am - oatmeal /w almond milk
10am - a banana
1pm - tomato, lettuce, cucumber and onion sandwhich
6pm - Chopped tomatoes, tofu, kidney beans, potatoes, and red peppers. With a small portion of rice.
I usually go for a run after this has settled down usually about 7 or 8 pm. I like to run at night.
Afterwards i finish up at about 9pm with a post run protein shake with frozen fruit, and a banana.
Going sleep just after 12am.
Its usually averaging about 1200 to 1500 calories. And i drink 2Ls of water most days. Once a week i might treat myself to something, like this week two mince pies lol.
I run 45 minutes a day, 4 days a week, and do yoga everyday for 15 minutes. I dont own a car so i walk everywhere.
I have lost some weight in this time, but I have lost only 7kg. But here is the kicker it has been all from fasting. I know its bad but it seems the only way i lose weight, and i never put it back on afterwards. I fast for three days and in that time i lose 2kg.
But I dont want to fast to slim down, i want to eat balanced meals, exercise it off but its not working. I have been the doctors, had the blood tests etc but they didnt find anything and just shrugged and showed me the door.
What am i doing wrong? Its been giving me a headache for ages. Or is my body just wired to lose weight by fasting?
Happy to answer any questions. Thankyou for any help x
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Re: What Am I Doing Wrong? - Weightloss

Postby silver » Tue Dec 04, 2012 2:43 pm

I'm thinking along the lines of energy in is equaling energy out.
You're only seeing loss when you cut the energy in and that's not what you're comfortable with.
So the alternative would be to increase the energy out part of the equation.
How hard are you running? Is it a steady even trot or intervals that that get your heart racing?
Are you in good enough shape to run harder or do you need to look at alternatives?
Can you add in a strong swim or two to your week?
Do you have a bike and some local hills to play on?

I've just changed my lifestyle to regulate my weight, down from 87->69kg over 9 months and still dropping weight, but very, very slowly now.
I remember at the beginning it hurt to do the amount of excecise I needed to, in order to regain my fitness.
My philosophy on that, was that it was the weight gain that I was suffering from.
It wasn't the weight loss and fitness gain that I was aquiring that was the cause of the pain.
It's not what you do occasionally that makes a difference, it's that which you do everyday that brings progress.


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Re: What Am I Doing Wrong? - Weightloss

Postby HF75 » Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:51 pm

Hello EcoWarriorGirl

I think a few things are off in your diet if you really want to loose weight

- vegetables are missing, tomatoes are great but where are the others the green ones, they are cheap and you can add them in every meal (spinach, cauliflower, rhubarb, greencabbage, green beans, zucchinis, carrots etc...). They are negligible in calories and do wonders to curves
- Since your workout is around 7/8pm I would recommend to have you "filling" meal afterwards instead of beforehand.
I mean
*protein shake with frozen fruits should be right after (within 10min) your work out, ok but is there added sugar or any sweetener messing up with your hunger and insulin in it? if yes, change it! Skip that banana.
* within an hour have you "filling" meal, even if you arent hungry, you muscles will recover in nutrients and calories will be well used.
Chopped tomatoes, tofu, kidney beans, potatoes, and red peppers. With a small portion of rice. I see 2 starchy carbs in one meal here, which I think is kind of wrong. it's either potatoes or rice; I would rather drop the potatoes, change them with basmati/whole rice, bulgur or whole wheat pasta as they have much lower glycemic index,they are packed with proteins and fibers. I would go quinoa, amaranth, lentils on non workout day!
Vary the beans: white beans, chickpeas!
*1pm - tomato, lettuce, cucumber and onion sandwhich Which bread do you use? white bread? again something with lower impact on your insulin & higher in protein like any genuine dark bread (rye, pumpernickel, etc...) will help you slim down,
lower the amount of bread when it isnt a workout day.
Which dressing is in that sandwich?
I would add some protein in that sandwich, like tofu/seitan
*10am - a banana I would also replace the 10am snack with something which has as much energy but lower in sugar content (like nuts, you will need to of course watch carefully the mount you take in), you clearly dont need that much sugar since you work out at night, I would have that energy boost just before running but i would go for a fruits lower in sugar content apple or else

With a few adjustments and I am sure you will see your weight go down regularly and without fasting or starving
Hope it helps
Avoid any food that makes one starve instead of satisfying one's hunger

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Re: What Am I Doing Wrong? - Weightloss

Postby Pottsy » Fri Jan 18, 2013 12:24 am

Hi Eco Warrior Girl.

From a fitness point of view you might want to try mixing it up a bit, particularly with some strength training. From what I've read on the subject building muscle is the most effective way to lose weight:
- when you only do exercises with the same repeated movements your body will become efficient at moving in this way and will require less effort and burn less calories doing so
- it requires a lot more calories to maintain muscle (think of how bodybuilders put so much emphasis on getting *enough* calories). Even when resting, the very fact of having more muscle will mean you are burning more calories.
- it won't mean that you get bulky or end up looking like a Miss Muscle- it takes a lot of work, food and very often steroids to look like that. Think instead how a dancer looks and how much muscular strength they must have.
I'd recommend body weight exercises, they can be done anywhere without any equipment and are best done in short intensive sessions so are not overly time consuming either. There are loads of variations that can be done and if you find a good book or website (such as this one) it'll help you start a routine or program.

Hope this helps.
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Re: What Am I Doing Wrong? - Weightloss

Postby lovela5 » Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:46 pm

Hi Warrior girl, did you end up losing weight ? I'm in the same boat.
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Re: What Am I Doing Wrong? - Weightloss

Postby KaliBaby » Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:24 am

Check your thyroid levels.
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