Lance Armstrong - what?!

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Re: Lance Armstrong - what?!

Postby sergio » Fri Jan 18, 2013 8:09 pm

Whomever holds an athlete as a hero for being an athlete is a fool and deserves to be constantly disappointed. The media loves to make heroes and villains out of athletes, but that's just marketing, and society is eager to make athletes into heroes. A good story doesn't mean that the athlete is a saint or an ethicist, as much as athletes are eager to embrace that for the benjamins.

Instead of athletes as heroes, we should be looking towards those folks with unexceptional skill that are exceedingly ethical as heroes; those that may not be as beautiful or sexy but that work hard and fight the good fight as heroes rather than folks who get paid to compete as heroes.

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Re: Lance Armstrong - what?!

Postby Alistar » Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:21 am

Quite funny how much the media helped build up the myth of LA. I remember these stupid 60mins programme that "proved" why LA was the superior athlete. His heart was 50% bigger than normal and he had this amazing ability to process lactic acid. All these Dr's in white coats said so (probably believed it themselves) so it must be true. It was all just natural ability and hard work.

Anyway LA isn't the usual athlete who just took PED's to get to the top and get the big pay cheques and the glory. If this was just his history I wouldn't give 2 shits about him. He instead had a disturbing history of intimidation and bullying anyone who dared speak out against doping in the peloton. Famously destroying fellow clean cyclists like Bassons and Simeoni's careers who dared question the suspect performances rife in the tdf etc. He went out of his way to sully peoples reputations in the media with his formidible team of lawyers and PR experts, and made peoples lives hell for years with litigation etc for telling the truth. Steve Swart, Betsy Andreu, Mike Anderson to name a few. With his Livestrong foundation behind him, and creating legions of new US fans to the sport he became a very powerful individual. He showed no empathy to his victims whatsoever, that he and his team relentlessly pursued. Even now his admission(7yrs after 2005- statute of limitations?) is not full and frank. He's holding a lot back. He has the ability to bring the UCI to its knees and force those complicit in the whole doping culture that they turned a blind eye to for all those years, to be replaced by people who care about the sport and its athletes, rather than just their personal bank balances. Will he do it? I doubt it. His seemingly narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies indicate to me, he'll do whats best for LA rather than whats best for cycling or anything else.
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