Workshop on Direct Action and SICs

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Workshop on Direct Action and SICs

Postby Sunkanrags » Mon May 30, 2011 6:50 pm

ARZone is pleased to present the next in our series of Member’s Workshops.

ARZone aims to host Member’s Workshops as an opportunity to involve all members in a conversation about issues and opinions raised in previous Guest Q&A sessions, in order to think critically about those questions and answers, to involve all members in open dialogue, to explore certain issues more fully, and to consider the ways we can all become more informed and better advocates for other animals.

Rather than feature a guest, ARZone workshops are conducted as open forum discussions for ARZone members, facilitated by the site admins.

The proposed topic for this week’s Workshop is “Appraising the Value of Direct Action and Single Issue Campaigns”.

Here are a few questions and responses from recent guests which touch on these issues and may serve as starting points for your discussions:

Gary Francione discusses his views about what is wrong and what can be right with single-issue campaigns: ... cs-or.html

Shaun Monson spoke about the shock value of direct action. He quoted Ingrid Newkirk as saying ““We asked nicely for years, and we’re ignored. Someone makes a threat, and it works.” ... ction.html

Roger Yates considers his history in the movement, including as the National Press Officer of the ALFSG and his work on single-issue campaigns: ... lence.html

Jose Valle talks about open rescues as a way to not only save the lives of some nonhuman individuals, but as a way to show that advocates for other animals are “respectable, professional and serious”. ... ument.html

Brandon Becker addressed the problem of harm possibly coming to some nonhuman animals in the course of property destruction through arson. ... -when.html

Finally, and again from Prof. Gary Francione, his definition of violence is here: ... one-i.html

All members are encouraged to participate in this workshop, as well as to suggest topics for and participate in future forums in ARZone.

Animal Rights Zone (ARZone) exists to help educate vegans and non-vegans alike about the obligations human beings have toward all other animals. By providing a space for a variety of blog posts, forum discussions, notes, videos and more, ARZone fosters a sense of community among its members. Through live online chats with a diversity of people who work both within and outside of the animal advocacy community, ARZone supports rational discourse and intelligent dialogue about the most pressing issues facing us today.


3pm -- Sat June 4th -- Pacific Time
4pm -- Sat June 4th -- Mountain Time
5pm -- Sat June 4th -- Central Time
6pm -- Sat June 4th -- Eastern Time

11pm -- Sat June 4th -- UK Time

8am -- Sun June 5th -- Australian Eastern Standard Time

To find your time for this chat, please use this conversion site, or feel free to ask for help:
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