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Jazz's workout log

Postby razzmatazz11 » Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:20 am

This will probably get some serious tweaking as I just started the workout routine. And, as a note, the weights are in pounds. Hey, that's how we roll here in the US.....

My starting weight on September 11th, was 227#. I didn't start working out til 12-24-09, my weight dropped to 224#, just from changing my diet to vegan!!

ARMS: (all 3x10 unless otherwise noted)
curls (machine) 25# (I will have to go down on these!)
lat pull down 30#
lat extensions 25#
"side punch" 10# 3x5 (I've no idea the proper name, I'll try and figure it out)
Delt fly 10#
Pec fly 25#
Shoulder press 25#
Bench press (seated) 40
Row 55#

low numbers I know, but I have never had great upper body strength and couple that with lumbar bulging disks and a bum rotator cuff muscle in my left shoulder, I've got to take things slow.

Calf raises 40#
Calf extentions 55#
"innies" 60#
"outties" 50#
kickbacks 55#
leg press N/A (machine is broken)

Sitting curls 55#
Push backs 25# (have to be real careful with these)
Twists 55#
Bench curls

Arm Days
Devil machine (aka eliptical) 15 minutes
Bike 15-20minutes

Leg days:
spin easy for 15 minutes
up to 90RPM's for 1 minute
up to 100 RPM's for 1 minute
up to 110RPM's for 5 minutes

(i'm only up to 100 RPMs, but I hold them for 5 minutes, then I pedal between 80-90 RPM's to round out the ride to 30 minutes.)

I also ride 20 minutes, twice a day, to work and home.

The holidays and the weather have made it kind of crazy to schedule time, but, I'm working it in!
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