Lemon & Herb Sauce

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Lemon & Herb Sauce

Postby mouche » Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:19 pm

So it's summer on this side of the planet and our garden is offering us some treats. My mum boiled up some artichokes and went in search of an interesting vegan dipping sauce for them that was more interesting than vinaigrette. After the week of sun and heat, our herb garden was overflowing, so here's what she came up with:

Lemon & Herb Sauce
(this was pure improvisation so no doubt the ingredients and proportions can be played around with)
-juice of 3 lemons
-twice the volume of the juice in vegetable oil (she used olive and canola)
-1tbsp soy sauce
-1tbsp tahini
-freshly ground black pepper to taste
-1/2cup pine nuts
-1 cup mixed fresh herbs (we had parsley, basil, chives, tarragon, savory and dill apparently)

Then work some blender magic and whizz it all up to a colourful smooth and creamy sauce and enjoy the taste of summer!

It worked beautifully with artichokes, I'd imagine that its mayonnaise-y qualities would compliment a good potato salad, and I'd be interested in concocting an avocado, spinach and sundried tomato sandwich with it slipped in for the subtle lemony tang and fresh herbiness.

Hope somebody out there enjoys it as much as I did!
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Postby Arbela » Thu Jul 09, 2009 1:57 am

Oooh, thanks to both you and your mom for this.
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