Vegan Restaurants in Paris?

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Vegan Restaurants in Paris?

Postby valene » Fri Sep 22, 2006 2:16 pm

Hi everyone, am going to Paris in a couple of weeks and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations as to restaurants. Have already searched the net but there doesnt seem to be many and they're getting very mixed reviews! Have never been to Paris as a vegan, have been there a few times as a vegetarian and that was difficult enough. Dont want to crumble at the first sight of a warm croissant! Cheers.
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Postby Fruitbat » Fri Sep 22, 2006 7:10 pm

use HappyCow to find veg restos in paris. I know of:

Graine de Folie near Montmartre (never been there)

Au Grenier de Notre Dame (near Ntre Dame - really nice wholesome food but small restaurant and no vegan desserts but I havent been there for a while. Internet cafe upstairs)

Victoire Supreme du Coeur near Les Halles (north of Notre Dame and slightly East) certainly got jemmyducks' coeur/heart when he was there - great food and vegan desserts

Le Potage du Marais (north of Notre Dame) great slightly posher restaurant better for evening meals - good value for money, organic, amazing vegann choices and desserts - fresh juices and smoothies real nice ambiance. Booking in the evening is essential as it is very small and very popular

There are other places I just cant remember their names. There is one near the Eiffel Tower somwhere I believe

Paradis du Fruit is a small Paris chain of cafes which are amazing for fresh fruit smoothies and juices, a wide range of salads and vegan sorbets - all with amazing fruit garnishes... but there is only one or two vegan main course options so better to go there for lunch and enjoy the smoothies and dessert :lol:

Naturalia is a chain of healthfood shops in the Paris area and there is nowhere to eat there but how better than to enjoy a Parisien evening than a picnic in a park or on La Seine? They have amazing stuff in there though fresh fruit and veg range not great and no freezer though very large range of refriegerated goods. All organic.
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