Average Joe's journal of circuit training and surfing :D

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Average Joe's journal of circuit training and surfing :D

Postby sonnyd7 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 6:06 pm

Not that anybody reads this, the site appears much less active than it used to be, but since newly becoming vegan (from a long time of vegetarian dieting), I decided to come back :D

Finally went vegan 7 days ago and energy levels are through the roof. I had no idea dairy and eggs were holding me back this much! Now I'm kicking myself for not doing this much earlier :P

7 days ago, I was 167.6 lbs, and now I'm 161.5 lbs. No change in exercise plan or frequency, only recent changes were ditching dairy / eggs, and alcohol (weirdly haven't been craving alcohol one bit since going vegan, I used to drink 1-3 times / week). I'm guessing majority of that weight was water weight from being constantly inflamed from eating a ton of dairy / eggs (ate those as my primary protein source), and of course the usual 2-4 beers i drank.

Anyway, I'll be having fun talking to myself on this site logging my activities / diet :lol:
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Re: Average Joe's journal of circuit training and surfing :D

Postby athlegan » Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:59 pm

Welcome back! Would be interesting to hear what you've replaced dairy and egg with, or what you diet looks like now.
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