Silver's tri-ing. IM Swim and run goal, check. Bike time!

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Re: Silver's tri-ing. IM Swim and run goal, check. Bike time

Postby silver » Tue Sep 20, 2016 5:02 pm

Weekend run was great fun.
4x10km reps in 18 hours...
times weren't bad for me. 49,49:30,53:30,52:30(ish)
I'll take that for cross country :)

didn't move too much yesterday, managed to walk a mile or so. Hurty. Very hurty!
2km swim today and a couple of hours digging at the allotment.
Made a good break through with my head position which should make life easier :)
It's not what you do occasionally that makes a difference, it's that which you do everyday that brings progress.

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