Silver's tri-ing. IM Swim target achieved, now the run...

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Re: Silver's tri-ing. IM Swim target achieved, now the run..

Postby silver » Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:48 pm

Yay! back on the bike.
Of course my heel would be the most sore its been in a good while this am...
Just 8km to the pool and back in a leisurely 23 mins.

swim 2.85km
2x200 reverse IM, cheated fly by a few breaths.
100 fast 1:24. low intent.
400 kick 9:59 :)
400 pull 6:18
25 easy
3x plank suicide sets. Each set: left plank 30 secs, 50m in 40 secs, rt plank, 50 in 40, 1 min rest
25 easy
4x200 increasing intent, off 3:30. 3:12,3:10,3:04,2:57
200 pull 3:08
200 easy

Took a while to find any intent today. I think I hit a peak and then think it should be easy to go fast because I've 'got it'. Hah! I'm a sap. It's still hard.

Hoping to do at least some of the track running session tonight.
It's not what you do occasionally that makes a difference, it's that which you do everyday that brings progress.
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