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Re: hakko's running log

Postby hakko » Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:20 pm

v 35 (73 km)

20140825: 5 km race prep
20140827: Hälsoloppet 10 km race. I wanted to run sub 35 minutes, and to not get carried away and burn out quickly I ran very strictly checking my watch all the time. The plan was 17.30 for the first lap, and slightly faster the second lap. It worked out really well, 17.30 for the first half, 17.25 for the second. Bummer: that didn't mean I had reached the finishing line. :( I finished with an official time of 35:23, with my watch reading 10.14 km in 3:29 min/km pace. Oh well... lesson learned.
20140828: 18 km, joined a club session but ran with a slower group than usual
20140829: 2x(400m, 30 sec rest, 800m, 60 sec rest, 300m). 3 min set rest. I can't believe how hard this was? 3:05, 3:14, 3:07, 3:03, 3:28, 3:20 min/km. During that last 800m interval everything just hurt and I couldn't force myself to go faster.
20140830: 17 km. 4:20 pace except first and last kms, it felt very relaxed
20140831: 5x400m, trying to learn running at 80s (3:20 min/km). Not very successful.. 87, 82, 85, 82, 80 sec.
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