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PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2009 8:02 pm
by JP
crazy session with crazy crew at


Not happy with todays performance, can only make it good in my head if i think of it as a session while being fucked from training the day before, but that does sound a bit lame...

Anyway, work was done! Stones were nice.

Front squats

Stones, various heights

Then a stone "run" but only nailed the first two then tacky was out and game over.

few single flips with the tyre, some feel of the farmers and then...

Medley madness

2 x 80kg sandbag carry 5m and "load" + 122 farmers for 15m + 2 flips with the tyre.

Fuck, forgot the time... about 55 seconds maybe? Slow anyway - will take it as a baseline to improve from.

160kg duckwalk for 20m + 112kg on a tyre drag for 20m

Arm over arm
20m with 112kg on tyre

Not happy with the times on any of the medleys.

Tomorrow balls to the wall all out max REST!

PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2009 11:45 am
by JP

with traps, milsy and mick.

"Doing fronties with Big Mick is like deadlifting with Mark Felix" - which he proved by nailing 260kg :shock:

1x172.5kg - pb

happy about the PB, 4th front squat session this week, but since the volume is so low, it feels ok. if i play this right, i should nail that 400lbs in a month or so...

Log press
utter shit - went up to 90, failing it once, and 100 was just dogshit, will defer the log session to another day

rack pulls 2nd pin

Good that i forgot what my previous PB was on this - just had a look back and i failed with 260 - but was that from lower or from this? (19ish inch)

never mind, 270 was defo a max. Back tired and a bit tweaked after this so had to abandon deadlifts off the floor.

Might need to take a wee break, feeling quite battered at the moment.

PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2009 1:57 pm
by ninearms
Excellent fronties again! Of course, I suspect the 400lb is right next to the bag, but you've decided to not put it in just yet in order to give Gauze at least some illusions of winning the challenge. :D

PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2009 4:20 pm
by gauze
tortoise and hare ninearms, I've got til next May. You lot best get some alphabet soup on your shopping list for some summer 2010 word eating.

PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:07 am
by Jonathan
Well done for the front squat JP! 400lbs is just around the corner. Still can't really get my head around holding that much weight on the front of my shoulders!

PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 6:34 pm
by JP
cheers guys!

feeling pretty good about the fronties at the moment :D The 172 was definitely not a max, just a "daily max" as the bulgarian approach calls ;)

Jono, man, when i started back on front squats 80kg felt like it was crushing me. But adapt or die - and so far the body is adapting (knock wood). If you look at the build up, it has been slowly edging up. fronties are probably the lift which i have had the most consistant build up of all - too bad it is just an assistance excercise :lol:

been laying low for few days because the back was stiff and was generally feeling battered. Made a promise to The Wife, so had to stick to it...


back and shoulder massage - could get used to this!

1 hr yoga - was pretty tough spinal twists and spine stretches


Trip to ashton cancelled, so no log press. A bit of a neither here or there session, got the work in though.


1x230 - not much room in there
2x205 - back said no

Front squats

Tomorrow: log, arm over arm, front squat, and something random depending on what the guys are doing.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 8:45 pm
by JP
pretty good session today, even if some targets were missed.


Featuring Traps, The Machine and Robboman

Small log

Big IFSA log
clean and heave only with 110

Front squats
walkout with 185 - fucking heavy!

both me and robbo failed with 175 so our race to 400lbs remains neck and neck, though he did look stronger today than me... Just today...

few one motions to various heights with 90
wee stone run of: 105, 117, 132 to 58, 51, 41 inches
then 155 stone to 41, which was a nice suprise. Dont think i have ever lifted a stone heavier than 150 to anything?

Viking press
few sets of 6-8 reps

PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:06 pm
by buzz
Stones = solid.

Log = solid. You don't seem to fire your head through that much though. Is that a flexibility thing with the pec/shoulder??

PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:25 pm
by ralst
Good session, JP.

Log video = looking skinny, man :) But strong! I can't help but wonder what happened to the push jerk technique, though? Looked like an easy push press, I'd think you'd be good for a lot more than that with a solid second dip.

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:38 am
by JP
cheers fatsoes!

Aye buzz, never been the best in driving the head through anyway - and now its even worse. Actually, need to remember to tell any ref in my future comps about this beforehand!

ralst - 107kg rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiippppped Cant come up with any excuse on why i look so skinny on that vid right now :lol: Should take a progress pic though - ABS ARE OUT!!! (or shades of them)

Didnt even know i did a push press instead of power jerk there man, thanks for pointing it out. felt tons better though. I think coming back from the injury i have lost all ability to balance the bastard, so push presses might be the way to go for a while before that gets better!

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:52 pm
by JP
The most important session of the week, cardio and gunz.


13 mins cross trainer

some machine rows


3 sets of guns (pb)

20 mins bike

PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:46 pm
by Crash
[quote="JP"]Tomorrow balls to the wall all out max REST!

That sounds like my kind of work out! :D :wink:

Congrats on the gunz PB! 8) (Do I want to ask what facepulls are? :shock: )

PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:47 pm
by JP
[quote="Crash"] (Do I want to ask what facepulls are? :shock: )

like these:

Good for shoulder health - they say :D

Mental session today with a big crew present. Started ropey for me but picked up till the end.


some warming up

small log

ifsa log


Deadlifts - trying Metal King Pro Deadlifter suit
then it all went to shit, could hardly get to the bar :D
equipped deadlifting = pure evil
The suit will take some breaking in, cant give up yet.
suit off and:
6x200 - pleased how easy this was

farmers walk, suitcases
30m x 122 - one turn
25m x 122 - no turn

ok reality check: suitcases feel much harder than any other implement, save maybe some bastard cylinders. This needs work. Planning 10 sets of 15m with 122 to work the tech. (writing it here so i wont bail out)

arm over arm: 122kg on tyre for 16-18m + drag back 20m

fairly bolloksed at this stage, but shawn lured me and jack to nail a "small medley"

Shawns evil medley
6 x 80kg sandback shoulder & slam + 10 x box jumps + 65kg axle bear walk

i wanted to stop every second after maybe the second box jump. Easily the hardest thing i have done this year :D

No danger of doing any front squats today.

10 min ice bath at home. Legs are totally gone and bruised (from the deadlift suit).

The Plan for next week:

mon - not a thing
tue - yoga
wed - log, deadlift, farmers, fronts
thu - medley and random, fronts
fri & sat off
sun - random shenigans

PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 11:04 pm
by Andrewc
Supposedly wearing a squat suit backwards can assist your deadlifts like a deadlift suit, I'm not sure to what degree though. It's apparently hard to breathe and get down to the bar but you're hardcore enough right? :P

PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 5:43 pm
by JP
yeah some people do that squat suit backwards, but usually only if they are too skint to get a deadlift suit :D

You can forget about breathing in the bottom position, the whole descent down is just a struggle, and you need to yank yourself to be able to get the other hand to the bar in stiff leg position and then force yourself, if you can take the pain (i couldnt) to get some legs in it. The bruising around my legs now say i guess that i did try to pull down :lol:


Anyway, couple more sessions with it just to make sure :)


15 mins cross trainer

couple essential sets of guns

12 mins of bike

1 hr yoga - was tougher than anticipated, and hips, spine and hammies feel a bit sore now :D

Tomorrow deadlifts. If i feel even remotely good i will go for 235.