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Re: The Plan

PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2013 9:15 pm
by buzz
New gym opened on Thursday, trained there in the afternoon;

Power cleans


Axle press

Fat mans on rings

Abz + 9kg


And back again tonight;

Safety Squats

15" Deadlifts


Strict Log

Re: The Plan

PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2013 8:53 am
by JP
post some pics here dude:


Re: The Plan

PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:28 pm
by buzz
Training at GS;


Axle press

Hyperextensions on GHD

2x15 - Pump!

Re: The Plan

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2020 7:28 am
by buzz
Been a while...

20/4 - Run up forest track on Crow Rd, 1k warm up then bump into random and chat for half an hour getting cold and tight. Then, 5k in 28mins, av pace 5.35, cal361, elevation gain 71m, HR163, cadence 164, stride 1.09m, 5.08/4.56/6.40(49m gain)/6.08(22m gain)/5.05. Comfy run, great underfoot with the track and pretty sheltered, 8 steps per breath the whole way. Feet/ankle felt fine but tweaked my lower back/upper glute on right side a wee bit after getting cold chatting to the dude.
Then a bit later;
SSB squats 8x20, 5x40, 3x3x60 - fine
Push press 8x20, 3x8x40
Pull ups no band 3xwide, 3xmid, 3xnarrow

Re: The Plan

PostPosted: Wed Apr 22, 2020 7:08 pm
by buzz
22/4 - Run east from house along main road and back, out easy back a wee bit faster but still easy pace, 8 steps per breath. Glute still niggly. 4k total in 22.18, av pace 5.34, cal292, elevation gain 20m, av HR164, av cadence 158, stride 1.14m, 5.55/6.05/5.18/4.55
Then a bit later on - Deadlifts 5x20, 5x50, 3x5x60
Supersetted with calf raises x20, 2x20 (single legs)
Rows 3x5x50
Supersetted with split squats 3x10 (each leg)
Box jumps 2x10
KB swings 50x12

Re: The Plan

PostPosted: Sat Apr 25, 2020 2:55 pm
by buzz
24.4.20 - Run out Dumbreck/Twechar circuit and then on another bit after the house and back to make 7km in 43.37. Running first 5.3k with Mrs Buzz so taking it mega slow but nice for a change, then picked it up last km and a half or so. av pace 6.12, cal531, elevation gain 21m, av HR155, av cadence 156, stride 1.03m, 6.32/6.33/6.38/6.56/6.36/5.39/4.31

25.4.20 - Bench with SSB 20x20, 5x40, then w/ballista 5x50, 3x5x60
- EZ curls supersetted with tricep extensions 3x12x20 each

Re: The Plan

PostPosted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:49 am
by buzz
Circuit run from house 4k in 20.39, av pace 5.09, cal269, HR166, cadence 160, av stride length 1.21m, 5.01/5.07/5.23/5.06

Re: The Plan

PostPosted: Tue May 12, 2020 12:51 pm
by buzz
12.5.20 - jog out to Lab and did 8x400m intervals w/2mins rest, then jog back. 600cals, 8k total. HR141/192, cadence 154/230?, 1.32/1.23/1.25/1.26/1.25/1.22/1.24/1.23
11.5.20 - 10mins warm up on turbo trainer
SSB squats 8x20, 3x3x40 (quads still wrecked from run(s) at weekend
Deadlifts 6x50, 3x70, 5x80
Overhead press 20x15kg(plate)
KB swings 50x16
10.5.20 - 5k circuit from house, opposite way to usual. 29.26mins, pacing Bernie for a sub 30min 5k. Quads tight from yesterday but nothing too bad and plenty energy to go for a run today rather than rest.
9.5.20 - 21.1k (half marathon) out from house along canal west and spun at 10.5k. 1hr56mins49secs, pretty steady pace of around 5.20-5.45mins/k the whole way (av 5.32), ‘pleasant’ run, body beaten by the end but never felt like I wouldn’t make it. Mindset good the whole way. 8 steps/breath up until last k or so going up Mill Road. Cadence 161 av HR166, stride 1.12m, 1461cals, 70m elevation.
7.5.20 - 7k circuit on Crow Rd track/road with Bernie, easy pace. Av pace 7.14, 586cals, 150HR, cadence 155, stride 0.89m
6.5.20 - SSB squats 8x20, 2x5x40 paused
Split squats 2x10 each leg
Calf raises 2x20
SSB deadlifts 8x40
Pull ups w/green band 12xmid
5.5.20 - 7k circuit on Crow Rd from forest track car park bit. Av pace 5.30, 520cals, elevation gain 105m, 167HR, cadence 161, stride 1.13m, 5.52/5.11/5.08/5.31/6.07/5.26/5.19 - nice run, steady pace, not that sore from yesterday but right ankle ligaments grumbling a bit.
4.5.20 - 4x1km intervals round circuit from house with 2min slow jog recoveries between - 240cal(ish) HR173, cadence 169, stride 1.35m, 4.21/4.22/4.26/4.25
2.5.20 - 3k circuit from house easy/recovery pace
1.5.20 - 10k run from house, two circuits, 57.53, av pace 5.47, cal734, elevation 35m, HR162, cadence 156, stride 1.11m, 5.38/5.44/5.46/5.42/5.49/5.46/6.03/6.05/5.40/5.36 - felt fine, but legs medium tired by the end. Pace was fine, felt slow/easy mostly, but the 6+ k’s sort of slowed of their own accord. 8 steps per breath the whole way.
30.4.20 - Deadlifts 8x40, deficit standing on 20kg plate 5x3x50
Calf raises on plate 2x20, 40
Rows 2x12x40
Box jumps 2x10
29.4.20 - Circuit run from house 4k in 20.33, av pace 5.07, cal249, elevation gain 27m, HR156, cadence 162, stride 1.21m, 5.16/5.09/5.26/4.36
28.4.20 - SSB squats 8x20, 3x8x45
SSB strict press 12x20, 5x30, 2x8x41 - tough! Too heavy
Pull ups w/blue band 8xwide, 6xmid, 6xnarrow

Re: The Plan

PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2020 8:54 am
by buzz
21.5.20 - 10k run from house to Twechar and up Bar Hill then over trails to Auchinstarry and back along the Kelvin, out at marshes and along Garrell Rd to Mill Rd and up and home. Did a quicker k on 7th k (along Kelvin) just to mix it up a bit. 58.39, av pace 5.51, elevation gain 129m, 755cals, cadence 162/197, stride 1.05m, HR164/189, 5.24/5.14/7.05/7.39/6.10/5.58/4.10/5.48/5.37/5.31
20.5.20 - SSB squats paused 8x20, 2x5x40
Deadlifts 5x60, 5x90
Pull ups w/green band 6xwide, 6xmid, 6xnarrow
19.5.20 - 2k warm up down Mill Rd to river Kelvin then 4k tempo run along Kelvin and back, and 2k cool down jog back to house. Drizzly but really muggy/close and humid. 8k total, 546cals, cadence 162/173 stride 1.2m, HR166/187. 5.39/5.39/4.34/4.38/4.37/4.32/6.03/5.34
18.5.20 - 10k with Bernie (her first time over 7k), 1hr9mins, av pace 6.55, 698cals, 42m elevation, cadence 155/166, stride 0.93m, HR139/155
17.5.20 - SSB squats 8x20, 2x5x40
Calf raises 2x20
Split squats 2x10 (each leg)
SSB bench (paused) 20x20, 8x40, 8x50
16.5.20 - figure of 8 run in Colzium, Banton Loch and round, back in and along bluebell woods and out at bottom of Tak Ma Doon and back along main road. 7.6k in 42.09mins, av pace 5.33, elevation gain 46m, 507cals, cadence 161/173, stride 1.12m, HR157/181
15.5.20 - Parked at forest track bit and ran along and up Holehead to trig point and back. 4.26km in 35.53mins, av pace 8.26, elevation gain 218m, 395cals, cadence 153/244, stride 0.77m, HR149/183. 20.30 to top. 8.25/11.16/7.48/7.21
13.5.20 - 10k circuit from house down to marshes and along kelvin to Kilsyth, then over the pavements from Lidl to Auchinstarry and onto canal path, back to Twechar and up Mill Rd home (ran a few hundred metres past house and back to make up the 10k) Easy pace but legs pretty tired and very warm/sunny, breathing fine 8 steps/breath all the way. 56.31mins, 688cals, 58m elevation, av pace 5.39, HR160/182, cadence 159/172 stride 1.11m. 5.31/5.41/6.08/6.07/5.45/5.28/5.30/5.16/5.48/5.14

Re: The Plan

PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2020 8:34 am
by buzz
31.5.20 - 13k run from house along Kelvin, up Croy hill and along the ‘ridge’ towards Castlecary, then spun and back. Legs felt tight and felt a bit sluggish the whole way. Bit of wind but nice and cool compared to last few days. 1:20.07, av pace 6.10, elevation gain 148m, 978cals, cadence 162/230/1.00m, HR156/176
30.5.20 - SSB squats w/red band wrapped 2/1 3x6x40 - fast but left hip/pelvis niggly so didn’t want to go heavier. Also other aches around right knee/calf and left quad.
Calf raises 3x20 both legs together, 1x20 one at a time
Split squats 2x15 each leg - add weight next time
SSB bench (paused) 20x20, 5x40, 3x50, 2x5x60 - good, 16x45 - just
29.5.20 - warm up 500m then 20min tempo run down Mill Rd and along/back Kelvin and finishing with 2k warm down. Roasting hot, about 20-25 degrees and no breeze. Stats for tempo run 4.49km, av pace 4.28, elevation gain 6m, 277cals, cadence 167/1.34m, HR165/184, 4.22/4.36/4.26/4.29/2.08 (½ k)
28.5.20 - 16k run from house out east then over marshes onto canal path and along to Banton, back to Auchinstarry and along Kelvin then up Mill Rd. 1:29.50, av pace 5.37, elevation gain 46m, 1089cals, cadence 161/175/1.11m, HR155/170, 5.39/5.32/5.57/5.56/5.44/5.35/5.34/5.39/5.46/5.40/5.28/5.35/5.27/5.32/5.31/5.12
26.5.20 - 7.42k figure of 8 kind of run at Colzium, easy pace 8 steps/breath the whole way, 40:58, av pace 5.31, elevation gain 46m, 513cals, cadence 159/177/1.14m, HR157/173, 5.45/5.38/5.31/5.33/5.30/5.40/5.11
Then - SSB squats (paused) 6x20, 3x40, 3x3x50
Deadlifts 5x50, 3x80, 3x100
Stiff leg DL’s 6x50
Rows 8x50
Pull ups w/red band 6 x mid
25.5.20 - 6 x 1k intervals with 2-3mins break in between. Warm up to top of Mill Rd then down to Kelvin, along and back. Sunny, warm and still conditions. Felt great, caffeine gel before running and all k’s felt ‘comfy’ like could have gone faster, other than maybe the last. 6 steps per breath on all other than the last dropped to 4/breath towards the end. HR142/152/166/171/163/168, 350ish cals, cadence from 1st and last k 168/177 stride 1.41m and 170/177/1.39m. 4.14/4.17/4.17/4.18/4.21/4.13
BP/HR 4hrs after finishing run 116/73/57
24.5.20 - morning BP/HR 130/77/62
13km run over Bar Hill and Croy Hill, down to boathouse and back along Kelvin 1hr20.09, av pace 6.10, elevation gain 181m, 968cals, cadence 161/211 stride 1.01m, HR159/182, 5.49/5.35/7.02/7.05/5.45/7.22/6.56/5.55/5.57/5.35/5.55/5.44/5.31
BP/HR 20mins after finishing run 121/76/63
23.5.20 - 8am BP/HR 128/84/51
SSB squats 6x20, 3x40, 2x5x50
Cal raises 2x20 (1 foot/leg at a time), 1x20 (both together)
Split squats 2x12 (each leg)
SSB bench (paused) 20x20, 5x40, 3x50, 6x56, 20x40 (not paused)
22.5.20 - 8k run down Mill Rd and along Kelvin and back. Easy/Medium sort of pace other than 3rd k went all out! Rainy and windy but wind at my back on the 3rd and 4th k. 41.49, av pace 5.13, elevation 30m, 541cals, HR162/191, cadence 161/183, stride 1.18m, 5.24/5.22/3.48/5.32/5.23/5.38/5.26/5.13