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Postby veganmonk » Mon Aug 21, 2006 6:18 pm

[quote="anna c"]veganmonk,

if i were to organize a veganism promotion tour i guess i would hire you as a speaker. :o

anyway, what's true for me is that at this point going vegan is an experiment for me. i won't believe that i am able to stay healthy until 6-12 months have passed by! thinking it over, i think the question for me is less whether i can thrive without animal protein, but more whether my hypersensitive vata guts can digest a vegan diet. but i am firmly committed to trying it and badly hope it will work out.

Well anna, the animals are very thankful for your experiment, you'll save probably 50-100 animals in the time you do it, so if you can keep it for life you will be a hero to our animal friends worldwide :) You will also be doing wonders for the planet by preventing much unneccessary pollution and waste that goes on in this world to feed/water/transport/process/package/slaughter the billions of animals annually, and I can guarantee you, that as long as you ensure you are eating well, you will be better off on a vegan diet.

Make sure you are eating tofu and beans and all the other good foods that provide ample nutrients.

I'm not sure how far along you are into it, but a good read/start is the PCRM vegetarian starter kit:

Perhaps you already know everything you need to know about health, and in that case, you should do just fine :)

Thanks again on behalf of the animals :D
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