Top Vegan Cities in the World, 2015

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Top Vegan Cities in the World, 2015

Postby loveliberate » Sun Jan 11, 2015 3:31 am

What are your opinions on this? Per capita, I believe that Portland is best with Glasgow beating London in the UK. :)

Top cities for vegans according to your votes...

#1 Berlin
With over 28 pure vegan restaurants and hundreds of listings on HappyCow, Berlin is fast becoming the vegan Mecca of the world. Most of the restaurants listed are within 3 miles of each other and easy to access by metro or bicycle. Additionally, it seems like nearly all restaurants & cafes in the city have some labeled vegan options on their menus.

#2 New York City, NY
The ultra-hip city that never sleeps offers an array of international mix in vegetarian food - cafes, bistros, diners, gourmet restaurants, and bakeries as diverse as its inhabitants! Eat on the cheap or dine extravagantly, NYC offers exotic and abundant choices for the veggie food lover. Amazingly, NYC has 63 fully vegan restaurants as of July 2014.

#3 Portland, Oregon
Recognized as one of the most livable cities in the world, Portland is commonly referred to as a haven for vegans and vegetarians. It's also family friendly, pedestrian friendly, and ecologically friendly in its public policies. With over 20 solid veggie places to find something to eat, vegheads can easily explore without starving (and you don't need a car to get around).

#4 San Francisco, CA
Wonder why young and old progressives meet and stay here? Beautiful weather with hilly streets offering glimpses of downtown, the bay and its famous bridges, San Francisco boasts dozens of cozy cafes, trendy vegetarian restaurants, and health food stores that offer raw, vegan, vegetarian, and vegetarian-friendly fare. Eating is easy here, and so is getting around by public transit, bicycle, or by foot.

#5 London, England
Since the outbreak of mad cow disease in the early 2000s, more people than ever in the UK are embracing vegetarianism. New London vegetarian restaurants are sprouting up all throughout the city all the time. To see what kinds of vegetarian and vegan fare the English are serving, click on the city name (above).

And the Runner-ups are…

Los Angeles, California
Although it's spread out as a huge urban sprawl, the LA vegan scene has really taken off in the past couple years. Now with more vegan options than any other city (*474 listings within a 15 mile radius), one can eat veg easily nearly anywhere in the city. The quality of options has also improved and L.A. now boasts upscale vegan restaurants like Tal Ronnen's "Crossroads" and gourmet Japanese vegan cuisine such as Shojin with 2 locations.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
The main city center of the northern city of Chiangmai, at only 2 square kilometers in each direction, is the most vegetarian-friendly city in all of Thailand. Food is mostly Thai style with lots of fresh local produce, soy products, and local flair.

HappyCow lists over 100 vegetarian and vegan restaurants serving a variety of vegetarian Asian and Chinese cuisine in Singapore! Check out the list for yourself.

Toronto, Canada
Offering affordable Chinese, Indian, and International vegetarian food and natural food organic markets.

Taipei, Taiwan
A Buddhist dominant country with many inexpensive veggie and vegan buffet-style dining facilities serving up to 100 different options. Taiwan is famous for its offerings of mock meat varieties and down home cooking.

Did your city make the list? Other noteworthy veg-friendly cities around the world are Seattle, Vancouver, Hong Kong, and...
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Re: Top Vegan Cities in the World, 2015

Postby blinki » Sun Jan 11, 2015 11:03 am

Is it just me who thinks the UK has forgot about mad cow now? I'm sure it caused a spike in vegetarian numbers and plenty will have remained veggie long term but nobody thinks about it any more. Mentioning it makes it seem to me obviously wrote by an American who hasn't ever really spoke to any British vegetarians

Singapore is awesome but not in a specifically-vegan friendly way, more there's a lot of accidentally vegan stuff. So I wouldn't put it as high on the list.

In the UK, I'm not sure I think it's possible for anywhere to seriously compete with London but Manchester is a fair bit better than Glasgow
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Re: Top Vegan Cities in the World, 2015

Postby ratfan » Mon Jan 12, 2015 1:50 pm

I saw a recent post on One Green Planet, claiming NY has over 140 vegan restaurants: It makes total sense that New York City is called “The Big Apple.” New York City has more vegan restaurants than anywhere else in the country, over 140! New York was even named the “Most Vegan-Friendly City in America.” ... es-in-nyc/
Awesome. I would love to go there.

I agree with you blinki, in the UK the number of veggies continued to rise into the late 1990's (re 'mad cow' disease and possibly foot and mouth) and then plateaued and fell a little into the noughties (see Hilda Kean, Animal Rights). But I feel that there is renewed interest and that maybe figures are beginning to rise again. A recent Mintel survey suggested that 1 in 8 UK adults are veggie:
One-In-Eight British Adults Is Veggie Posted 1 October 2014
A survey conducted by Mintel has found that one-in-eight British adults has ditched meat and fish, with that number rising to one-in-five for younger people aged 16-24. The research found that millions more people have also reduced their meat consumption.

I don't believe it is that high myself - as I 'm sure you'd notice that! And it's well reported that people self identify as veggie who are not. But I hope it is a sign of things moving in the right direction and growing awareness.

I also agree re Glasgow - it was voted best for vegan food by PETA UK but they didn't carry out any research (!) just went on word of mouth type info: ... ndly-city/ (it is still very good though)
London is the best - but it's pretty poor for the size of the city and the UK capital.
Manchester is very good - Bistro 1847 is fab.
Toronto is great for vegans (I was there this time last year and could not get to all the vegan places to try them), far better than any UK city. And I agree re Singapore too, it's good but not amazing for vegans.

Interesting to compare experiences of vegan friendly places around the world though.
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