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Kayaking (and not getting panicked under water)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:15 pm
by Bounce
I've started kayaking again! I used to kayak around 15 years ago with Scouts.

Most of it is going well; I'm currently doing pool sessions and whilst I need to be a bit more graceful, I'm quite confident with balance.

Being upside down however freaks me out... I'm on pool session two, so don't expect to be perfect... But I hate it and end up panicking...

I'm not defeatist and know I'll get over it eventually, but was wondering if anybody had any tips on getting over this?

The sooner I can get on the Thames, the better.

Re: Kayaking (and not getting panicked under water)

PostPosted: Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:13 pm
by VeganGraham
I tried kayaking a couple of years ago.
We were in the Severn near Bewdley, which has got a few still areas, but gets pretty deep and fast nearer the middle.
I never liked the rolling upside down and falling out bit either, partly because the kayak seemed to have been built for someone with narrower hips and shorter legs than me, but I could understand why it has to be one of the first things you learn.
It does get easier. The more times you do it and don't drown, the easier it is to believe you won't drown next time. :D
For me, the difficult bit was accepting that no matter how hard it was to get out of the kayak the right way up by shuffling backwards while trying to bend my knees the wrong way, once I was upside down I could just sort of fall out effortlessly, then rely on my lifejacket to get me to the surface the right way up.