Advice on what race to do.

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Advice on what race to do.

Postby xrodolfox » Thu Jun 14, 2012 3:43 pm

I'm considering doing the Motor City Triathlon, but I haven't asked my wife yet. ... triathlons

I have an extremely limited budget for racing this year. I'll only be able to do 3 or so races this year.
This one is less than ideal, but I am still considering it because it is on Belle Isle in Detroit, and that's so close to my work, and I've trained there a bit this year. In fact, I'll be there in a hour or two trying the course again.

That's that part that's awesome.

This is the part that's less than ideal:

I love the Olympic, except I cannot do a full 10k run with any sort of respect right now. I'm just not that strong for that long of a run, even if it is flat.

However, the swim is too darn short in the sprint. The bike is a tiny bit short for me, and the run is perfect. But I need a longer swim. I'll only get a tiny lead off of 500yd swim. That's part of the reason I do these things; the swim. Otherwise, I'd just do a bike-run thing.

Should I hold out for a better race? I am feeling pretty fast this year, so I want to finally win the whole race, not just my AG. This race doesn't play to my strengths.
For example: should I do the Olympic and just totally bonk on the run? Or do a sprint and get a tiny lead at the short swim and get caught by folks who don't swim well?

I'm leaning towards not doing this race and waiting for a better race, or doing the Oly and letting myself fall apart, just to push myself.
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