Double Ironman UK - Next Week! 07/08

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Re: Double Ironman UK - Next Week! 07/08

Postby Lovely.Rita » Thu Aug 26, 2010 1:32 am

Holy guacamoly,
this is sooo inspiring! I just did my first olympic distance tri and loved it - but this is completely beyond me. wow. just wow. Thanks for the report, both you and your lady. keep up the good work!
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Re: Double Ironman UK - Next Week! 07/08

Postby Konstantin » Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:43 am

Each part of this is enormous....can't imagine doing all three. But you did, so enormous congratulations, that really is an incredible acheivement. And thanks for such a good write up. It sounds like a brilliant event to be involved in.
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Re: Double Ironman UK - Next Week! 07/08

Postby ultra_whippet » Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:46 am

Just seen this - incredible stuff! 8) And a great write-up too :)
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Re: Double Ironman UK - Next Week! 07/08

Postby xrodolfox » Thu Aug 26, 2010 1:52 pm

This is utterly amazing! Great race report. Amazing accomplishment! New Tat to commemorate the event?
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