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Re: Training WITHOUT Weights

Postby zorobabel » Sat Apr 17, 2010 6:06 am


I'm doing a method called "101 exercices without equipment" by olivier lafay.
I guess they have it in english.

I'm really happy with the method, because i train at home .
The only thing is that you do need a pull up bar,so i guess it's not really without equipment.
Their is a book for man (the one i bought, even though i'm a woman) and one for women .
There are different levels , it's very intensive.
Dips, incline push ups, squats (you squat deeper with the levels), pull ups, pike press ,crunches,etc...

I use chairs , tables equipment

first you start by testing your capacities:
How many reps can you do of:
normal push ups ,dips (with chairs to do like dip bars), pull ups and push ups on two chairs.
(their is some rest between each exercises).
From your results , either you begin the first program of the first level, or the second program of the first level.

The first level prepares the body to be strong enough to pass other levels, and to accustum your body to exercise, to perform squats without injuring your knees for example.

I couldn't do any pull ups, so i began by doing them holding the edge of the table and now i can perform 6 normal pull ups(i'm a woman so that may seem nothing but for me it's really huge).

Their is a part stretching you do after the training, and in the end you will be able to do the split, and a part of deep breathing.

Their is also a part diet in the book, i don't follow because it's non vegan and also because it's meant to be followed by men.
Why i chose the men method, first because it's the only one i found in the bookstore, and second i want to have defined muscles.
In the woman method their is a whole month balance(réequilibrage),with exercises to strengthen the perineal area for example before starting to workout.
But it's not meant to really define muscles.
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