How big is your lunula?

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How big is your lunula?

Postby tomakin » Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:37 pm

Dunno where this topic fits, let's try general.

Lunula size reflects base metabolic rate (for example, hypothyroid patients have no lunula at all, while hyperthyroid - very big ones). So, generally, persons with large lunula should perform better in endurance sports, while it should not affect anaerobic activity that much.

But some sources state that excessive protein consumption might cause lunula to growt above normal size, so I suppose this is the best place to ask.

Question especially for endurance athletes on low protein diet, especially raw food runners, cyclists and so on:

1. How big is your lunula? Almost everyone have them at thumbs, but what about other fingers?

2. How good are you at short distances compared to long ones, i.e. how fast can you run 1000m compared to 10k
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