questionnaire for the weightlifting women on the board

Lifting weights whether for bodybuilding, toning, or just for general fitness.

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Postby JO » Fri Apr 09, 2004 6:10 pm

I haven't read any magazines either for men's fitness or women's fitness in a million years because beyond the initial rah-rah & basics it's just the same stuff over and over; sometimes insipid, sometimes poorly researched, sometimes actually sound. I don't have time to fact-check potential schlock. But still, it can be a good start for many people. I know that if I feel I'm in the dark about something the first resource I will turn to is not the mass media.

There are strong women role models all over the place, yourselves included, I am sure. That's so much better and more real than what any magazine could provide.

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Postby funfetus » Fri Apr 09, 2004 11:54 pm

Hey, I am one of the fortunates who has met Rochelle. If she isn't sculpted or toned then I don't know who is. She looks fantastic! I know it isn't pc to say it, but wow Joni is a lucky guy!

Why isn't it PC to say that?

I must say I do look at the fitness models and wonder how strongthey actually are- they are always pulling such pitiful small weights in the pics, yet look muscly and strong and so you's expect them to be able to lift little heavier. By that I'm not dissing women who are using light weights- we all start somewhere and I think the weights I lift are light compared to what I'm capable of if I put my mind to it- but the girls in the pics represent an ideal, I'd like to see my ideal lifting heavy weights- that motivates me, not how toned and sculpted a models muscles look.

She may or may not be an exception, but this woman benches 275, deadlifts 415 and squats 400, at 149. (Pounds, not kilos.)
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Postby fexano » Wed Apr 14, 2004 6:27 pm

1. I subscribed to a fitness magazine for women.

2. I'm lifting weights and doing cardio.

3. My personal trainer is my boyfriend.

4. I want to look like fitness models in magazines.

5. In a gym.


7. Sometimes.


9. I always wanted to meet a woman whose goal is the same as mine.

10. They can't believe I can do that.


12. Unfortunately, none.

13. Not really.
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