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PostPosted: Sat Feb 12, 2005 7:00 pm
by Fruitbat
As an amateur - I have had surprising success by doing chin-ups followed by bicep curls - my training partner commented on the fact that I am getting some nice bicep development the other day and I took a moment to scrutinise myself and was surprised to see that he was right. In fact we also noted a small tricep horseshoe appearing too.

Just thought I would share! I was surprised to see success with only 2 exercises once a week concentrating on biceps (tho of course many other upper body exercises also use biceps).

PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 3:35 am
by assilembob
That's awsome. i still can't even do a pushup. :shock:


PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 5:24 am
by V VII Hero
yeh im doing chinups now for biceps.

keep up the good work mate