Joined a new gym

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Joined a new gym

Postby willpeavy » Wed Jan 05, 2005 3:09 pm

I'm excited. While I was at work today my wife surprised me and signed us up for a membership at Gold's Gym. For the past six months all I've had access to is my apartment complex gym that has a set of dumbbells (that only go up 50 lbs) and a couple of old machines. We're heading over to Gold's tonight as soon as work ends. Now I'll finally be able to have all kinds of nice big weights and barbells and other good stuff and I'll be able to add my stuff to the vegan strength table.

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Postby tylerm » Wed Jan 05, 2005 4:42 pm

Sounds cool, Will. I am sure your weights will jump up dramatically after doing set after set after set of squats, deadlifts etc with those 50 lbers
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Postby JP » Wed Jan 05, 2005 4:49 pm

finally mate! Now the proper traininh starts :D
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Postby michaelhobson » Wed Jan 05, 2005 5:31 pm

That's fantastic Will!

Nothing more fun than seeing how much iron you can pile on your back before getting squashed :D
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