Donkey Calve Raises

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Donkey Calve Raises

Postby Daniel » Fri Sep 03, 2004 4:50 am

Does any body do these? Why or why not? I always did sitting calve raises or single-leg calve raises, but my new gym I go to doesn't have that equipment. They have an angled standing calve raise machine and the donkey calve raise machine. I tried the donkey machine, but I couldn't figure out how to adjust it correctly. :oops:
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Postby Renecarol25 » Fri Sep 03, 2004 4:17 pm

I thought donkey calf raises were like you do a down-dog type yoga position and have somebody sit on your back and go up and down on your tip toes. I have never seen a machine for it.
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Postby Pete » Sat Sep 04, 2004 9:34 am

I didn't know there was a donkey calf raise machine either :!: When I want to do them I just get a bod to jump on my back.
I found a link for you that shows a machine in action, might help :?: ... Raise.html
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