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PostPosted: Tue Aug 31, 2004 5:54 pm
by muscle-militia
Hey crew - now (as of a couple o weeks) fully vegan as I took yer advice and binned Quorm as a sponsor! Wahey then!

Was vegan before but free food? - yea I buckled…sorry!

PostPosted: Tue Aug 31, 2004 5:58 pm
by Mary
Excellent! Way to go Mr Muscle. And pop an announcement in the General section about your most exciting news. :D It has been a life changing couple of week!

PostPosted: Tue Aug 31, 2004 8:42 pm
by JP
hey man thats great news! One more fine example to break vegan stereotypes, exellent!

PostPosted: Thu Sep 02, 2004 6:02 pm
by Pete
Fantastic news mate :!: Looking forward to you winning heaps of contests & helping raise the profile of vegan building :twisted: