My Portland Guide: general info, contacts, resources & m

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My Portland Guide: general info, contacts, resources & m

Postby loveliberate » Tue Sep 06, 2005 7:28 am


My family and I moved here to Portland, Oregon after having traveled and/or lived across much of the US plus some in Canada and Mexico. I wrote this to tell you about some of the things we like here.
We hope ya'll will come visit soon!

I haven't checked out everything listed here personally & I'm not saying that every place, person, group or whatever listed here is perfect in any way. I believe that all info is correct & current - please let me know if ya find any mistakes. Please let me know if i missed something cool - I'll probably do an updated version of this in 6 months.

Before I start into the city itself, I want to mention the region Portland is a part of. Affectionately called Cascadia and also known as the Pacific North West or PNW, this area's "borders" are defined many ways.
For myself, I consider Cascadia to include most of Northern California, Oregon, Washington & SouthWestern British Columbia and to be loosely defined by the Pacific Coast, the Cascade Mountains and the Columbia
The natural world here is (while under constant attack) still more intact ecologically than much of the world. Here you will find stunning ocean/coastal ecosystems, forested mountains, rivers everywhere,
highly fertile and diverse lowlands, snow-capped volcanoes and even high desert lands can be found within Cascadia.

For me, Cascadia feels more like a "homeland" than anywhere I've been.

Now on to Portland!


Portland is a mid-size city with a metro-population of about half a million people. It is the most "natural" feeling city that I've found.
Within city limits are several large wooded parks - including Forest Park, which includes old-growth forest and Mt. Tabor, a dormant volcano.
The Willamette and Columbia Rivers pass through town.

Culturally/Socially, Portland has a lot to offer and is fairly diverse. Folks from around North America and the world have made Portland their home.

Personally, I was very interested to see the large Russian / Eastern European population here as I'd barely been exposed to these cultures previously.

From what I've seen most of the cool stuff/places & people are to be found in a couple parts of town:

- South East: Primarily on Division & Hawthorne, but also on other streets like Belmont & Burnside. Each street is different but most will have stuff
happening between 20th and 50th.
- North/North East: Check out Alberta & Killingsworth near and to the east of Martin Luther King and Mississippi & Albina south of Killingsworth.

- Here's a good online guide to Portland - "The Dirt Cheap Guide to Portland, Oregon:
I dont agree with all the info posted but it has a ton of stuff, including maps & links to more info.

- Portland Indymedia is a good online general info source: and hosts what is probably the best Pdx activist calendar:


- People's (All Vegetarian!): My personal favorite, 3029 SE 21st, (503) ORG-ANIC,
* besides being a great store, this is also just a neat place to hangout and watch/meet people. They have a great free box and get this: a banana
tree with banana's actually growing on it!

- Food Front: 2375 NW Thurman St, 503-222-5658

- Alberta: 1500 NE Alberta St, 503-287-4333 - Has a free box, and is a good place to hand out in the NE

- Food Fight (Not a Co-op but ALL VEGAN!):
4179 SE Division, 503-233-3910,
* Lots of neat, hard to find stuff plus old favorites. It's also a good place for vegan, earth and animal liberation info.


Pdx has many vegan & vegan friendly places, that said many places are either too expensive &/or the food hasn't been very good in my experience. The places listed are ones I've tried or that are fully vegan.

Some of this sections info is from the "Portland Area Vegetarian Restaurant Guide" put out by Action For Animals out of Seattle: , some others are listed on the Food Fight Grocery website.


- Blossoming Lotus: 921 NW Davis St, 503-228-0048
"Organic sandwiches, soup, sushi, mock tuna, etc"

- Calendula's: 3257 SE Hawthorne, 503-235-6800, "Organic, elegant yet casual"

- Veganopolis Cafeteria: 412 SW 4th Ave, 503-226-3400
"Vegan cafeteria, some raw"


- Vita Cafe: 3024 NE Alberta St, 503-335-8233 "Ethnic meals, vegan comfort food" - a bit of a NE hang-out
* We like this place ok and will eat there again.

- Scooter's: 3312 SE Belmont St, 503-235-0032, "Icecream place that has vegan soft-serve, shakes, blizzards, and icecream sandwiches"
* Decent but pricey - we probably wont go again.

- Dalo's Kitchen: 4134 N. Vancouver, 503-808-9604
"Serving The Best Ethiopian Cuisine"
* I like this place a lot. The people are friendly, the food is tasty & the $5 vegan plate is a great deal.

These are generally my favorite place to go out to eat & most offer vegan options. They are cheap: usually $4 to $6 a meal, You get a lot of variety on a single block & the food is usually both tasty & plentiful. variety of types to share. Here is where ya find the biggest concentrations (but you can find others throughout downtown and beyond):

- SW 5th Ave between Oak and Stark
"The highest concentration, probably 15 to 20 carts. Mexican, Italian, Pan-Asain, Indian, Soul Food, etc"

- SW 9th/10th between Alder/Washington
"Indian, Soul Food, Thai, German, Mexican, Espresso"

(These are Worker owned & run)

- Back To Back: 614 E Burnside, 503-233-1929
* friendly folks, cheap $2-$4 vegan meals & free Internet

- Red & Black: 2138 SE Division, 503-231-3899, * this may be the single most popular hang-out spot for the widest variety of "activist" types

- Redwing Coffee & Baking: 1700 SE 6th Ave., 503-445-9900

- Last I heard, FNB serves Tuesday thru Saturday at various spots. Check the Pdx IndyMedia Calendar for the most up-to-date info & locations:


- H.I. Portland Hawthorne Hostel, 3031 SE Hawthorne,, Toll Free: 1-866-447-3031, Local: 503-236-3380,
* There is anouther hostel in NW Portland but this one seems cooler & is in a cooler neighborhood, imo.


- Outside In: 1132 SW 13th Ave, %03-535-3800, -
"Outside In addresses the changing needs of homeless and other low-income and marginalized people as they work towards self-sufficiency and improved health by providing them innovative social, medical & mental health services & material resources."


Generally, Portland is generally very walkable, bikeable & has very decent public transportation. Heck - ya can even get to much of the town by boat if ya want!

- Citybikes: 734 SE Ankeny Ave, 503-239-6951 And: 1914 SE Ankeny Ave, 503-239-0553

- North Portland Bikeworks:: "radical diy bike shop" 3951 N. Mississippi Ave, 503-287-1098

Tri-Met, the bus & light rail system here is pretty dang good:


- Laughing Horse Books: 3652 SE Division, 503-236-2893
"non-profit, all-volunteer, collectively run bookstore devoted to social change"

- Reflections Mirror Image: 330 N. Killingsworth, 503-288-9003 * Afrocentric, hosts the Books To Oregon Prisoners project

- Black Rose: 4038 N. Mississippi Ave, - great place all-around w/ a terrific selection of books & other merch, as
well as a large free box (2 actually, 1 outside & 1 inside)

- In Other Words: "Women's Books and Resources"
3734 SE Hawthorne Blvd, 503-232-6003

- Powells:
"Powell's Books is the largest independent used and new bookstore in the world" Several locations around Pdx

- Q is for Choir: 2510 SE Clinton St, 503-235-9678
* Worker owned record store


- Liberty Hall: 311 N. Ivy, 503-249-8888
"a collectively run community center"
LH hosts lots of cool shows, classes & events - they also have free Internet access, a free box, free literature & provide office space for the Microcosm distro:
They often have free food around too.

- Cascadia Rising Infoshop & Activist Resource Center:
1540 SE Clinton, 503-230-8360,


- Defector: "Portland DIY Anarcho-punk Newsletter",, great "Portland Contacts" page plus a punk & activist calendar, look for it around town at places listed here

- Street Roots: "For those who cannot afford free speech", Available from street vendors (mostly houseless folks) at locations around town


- Hysteria Collective: AnarchaFeminist, Women/Trans only, Support Group for survivor's of sexual assault:

- I.W.W.: The Pdx IWW Union Hall is located at 616 E Burnside, near the east end of the Burnside Bridge. Phone (503)231-5488.

- KBOO: "People's radio", 90.7 FM in Portland, 91.9 FM in the Columbia Gorge & 110.7 in the Willamette Valley

- Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (NW-RAGE):

- Portland Collective Housing:
"Because rent is a ripoff"

- Northwest Anarchist Federation (NAF) in Portland:
Firebrand Collective:
Burning Rose (Trial Collective)
PDX Anti-Fascists (Trial Collective):
Anarchist Communist Union of Portland:
NAF website:

- Rose City Copwatch: 503-993-9464,

- Books To Oregon Prisoners: PO Box 11222, Portland, OR 97211 - - As the name indicates they only send books to Oregon Prisoners and can only send new books.

- Portland Books to Prisoners: PO Box 11222, Portland, OR 97211 -
Sends all kinds of books to prisoners across the US

That's all for round 1 of this guide folks!
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Postby Cuguacuarana » Tue Sep 06, 2005 7:36 am

Nice guide dude, I'll have to check out some of those co-ops.

Kalga Cafe is an awesome place to get food though a little spendy. Its all organic and all vegetarian. Very vegan friendly, they have great vegan pizzas.

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Postby loveliberate » Tue Sep 06, 2005 7:44 am

Thanks Austin! :D

It was weeks in the making - mostly lots of procrastination...

Any other comments, critiques &/or suggestions on stuff I can add?
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Postby JP » Tue Sep 06, 2005 8:21 am

you should really set up a web site for that info mate - good stuff!
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Postby V VII Hero » Tue Sep 06, 2005 12:38 pm

thanks dude!

I visited The Willamette River, it was awesome. I also visited downtown (with all the statues), ate at El Grillo, went to a really really nice vegan restaurant, visited a park that overlooked all of portland, mt hood, concrete skateparks, snowboard shop and some other stuff.

it was the most natural feeling place I have ever been to. and my heart and soul are dying to go back there and live there.

you've got the ocean on one side, and mountains on the other. its soo perfect. The forests there are beautiful (I am a big nature buff). too bad I didnt get to go exploring any waterfalls.

I have a really bad memory but my trip to Portland I can remember the visuals as if it was yesterday. (the same for my trip to england).

I am either moving there asap, or as soon as I can after personal training school. we most def have to hang out in keep in touch.

you can show me around to all the cool vegan places 8)
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Postby loveliberate » Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:57 pm


Austin, my kids and I hung out and grabbed some lunch at the food carts yesterday. I had a great time and was very happy to meet and talk with someone from VF in person.

Here is the info for the Kalga Cafe Austin mentioned:
Kalga, "Organic International cuisine", 4147 SE Division (503) 236-4770

Kalga is just a couple of doors down from the Food Fight! Vegan Grocery and close to lots of other great stuff like Laughing Horse Books and my house!

Austin, it turns out that members of People's Food Co-op always get a 10% discount at Kalga's!
“I do not love the bright sword for it's sharpness, nor the arrow for it's swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend." -
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