Athens Restaurants

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Athens Restaurants

Postby thestoatyone » Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:02 pm

Went to Athens a little while back, thought I'd report on a couple of the restaurants I ate at back then. Is pretty awesome; mostly American stuff (Burgers, burritos etc) Massive selection of Czech beers, and looks like it'd be a wicked late night party place (We went on a Wednesday, so not much partying occurring) Almost exclusively vegan (you have to ask for animal milk etc) and about average price (something like 7 euros for a main, 3 for a beer). Pretty big portions as well, come to think of it. Only downside is it is a bit out of the city centre, but apparently were it is set is the night life capital, so good for a feed before a night of dancing and general carousing. Went here a couple of times, quite near Syntagma (the main city square) so v. convenient. Again normal prices (7 euros for a main, 3 for a beer) and some nice food. Bit of a hippy/yoga vibe (actually, a lot of a hippy/yoga vibe) but lots of big herby fresh tastes coming through, friendly service and a really clean modern decor. The "creative fire" was lush!
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