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Postby ORLYLOL » Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:42 pm

I didn't see a thread on this town so I thought I'd start one.

We went to Norway and Sweden in September and had a great time despite an onslaught of bad luck, but I have to say that Malmö was one of our favorite spots for vegan food! The city itself is really nice and the people are great, but the availability of awesome vegan food was better than most US cities I've been to.

Our favorite was a place called Kao's that made there own desserts as well in house. We spent a long time talking to the owner there about food, politics and whatnot. I'd recommend anyone planning a trip to Sweden to make it down there if you can.
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Re: Malmö

Postby RiseAgainst » Fri Oct 26, 2012 3:43 am

We went through Malmo twice on our road trip through Scandinavia 2+ months ago. It was not part of our plan but we were getting hungry and did not want to wait for Copenhagen.

We used a quick HappyCow check and found VegeGarden around lunchtime. This is an all vegan Chinese food type buffet, it really hit the spot! It's def not health food but they had lots of mock meats and traditional US type Chinese food veganized. It was a better and more diverse spread than you can get in the US (outside places like LA, SF, NYC).

We didn't get to spend much time in Malmo but what we saw we liked.

We like it so much on the way back to Gothenburg to end our trip 4 days later we stopped again for lunch! The price was less than $10 USD which is one of the cheapest meals we got on all our 2 weeks (outside of Berlin of course, nothing beats Berlin!)
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Re: Malmö

Postby ida » Fri Oct 26, 2012 7:08 am

Yes, Malmö is the best. Not only you can find quality restaurants as Kao's and VegeGården, but also the vegan supermarket Astrid&Apornas (who have their own line of vegan products - soy cheese, vegan sausages, meatballs, burgers etc.) and alot of other things.

There are several (!) pizzerias serving vegan pizzas and you can find vegan hotdogs in almost every hotdog stand. And let's not forget that Malmö is the Capital of falafel.

Malmö is great! :D
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