Beirut, Lebanon

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Beirut, Lebanon

Postby TarekF » Fri Jul 27, 2012 6:51 am

Just got back from my almost yearly vacation there with my family. Its my first time being vegan here so i thought id write about the difficulties and ease.

I find it fairly easy. Nearly every restaurant has mezzes, appetizers, hummus, balilla (another chickpea dish), bread, taboule salad, rice wrapped in grape leaves and french fries. More than enough to satisfy me. At most lebanese places after dinner you eat a bunch of fruits (plums are amazing over there!) for desserts, definitely vegan friendly :D

So when going out to lebanese places there is much to eat. Most pizza places will have a napolitano or margharita pizza that you can ask for no cheese.

As for the culture, it is a meat and cheese loving place (my grandma was appalled when she learned i now not only didn't eat meat but didn't eat dairy or eggs), but thats not new for any location, at least there are many traditional dishes without animal products.

I actually found a macrobiotic shop which has miso, tofu, veggie burgers, soy, oat, farro, and quinoa milks along with other vegan products. Its right near the hospital.

Theres also a market, Idriss market. That place has plenty of fruits and veggies, but also soy milk, oat milk (both fortified), and some other soy products, along with TVP (i was very surprised at this discovery).

So overall, i have an easy time of it, cept that we go out with my family SO much (and to non-lebanese places for some reason) that i do eat a lot of the same, but for a budgeted vacation its an easy place to be vegan.

Oh and BarBar or Sahoun Falafels.
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