Cafe Soya - Birmingham

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Cafe Soya - Birmingham

Postby downhillingdemon » Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:22 pm

I wasn't expecting a great deal from this place as ultimately it's an omni resturant. However, I'd heard good things from the brummy vegans about it so we went tonight to try it out.

I can honestly say (and that is the truth!) that I had the best vegan food I have had in the whole 15 years I've been vegan. I do have a love for Chinese food mind, but if said food is your thing it is definitely worth the visit. Reasonably priced too.

I spoke to the waitress when she came to get our order and let her know I was 'vegan', to which she replied 'ah, no egg, no dairy, no milk' - very reassuring!

The vegan pancake things and deep fried tofu skewers were lovely starters, but the main course really nailed it for me - a big plate of deep fried tofu (and a good portion size, compared to other places I've been where it seems they often skimp on the tofu) oyster mushrooms, fresh cooked veg on a bed of fried noodles and beansprouts.

Oh, and the coconut soya shakes were magic...I had to have two :mrgreen:
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Re: Cafe Soya - Birmingham

Postby alit » Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:59 pm

I went there after visiting family last night for take out - so good there these days.

They have really improved the vegan menu and their knowledge of veganism which is good. Never thought Id find decent vegan Chinese food outside of London.

I tend to go between the Warehouse and Cafe Soya in Brum now - even get tempted sometimes to go after work on the train just to get take out :lol: luckily work is near the train so only 20 mins into Brum or 30 mins from home.

My parents have tried the takeaway food and really like it - must try and go one weekend with them.

If you go at lunch they do 3 courses for £6.95 - main, drink and pud but only soya pud or fruit salad - might mention the idea of vegan cake to them! The smaller branch the cafe in the Arcadian does main and drink for £5.50 lunchtimes. Both do take out boxes for £5 - good portions.

My 3 fave eating places at the mo are Cafe Soya and Warehouse in Brum and Chesters in Worcester :D

Am happy that next Fri Im going to Cafe Soya and on Sat Chesters :mrgreen:
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