Visit Moab, Utah!

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Visit Moab, Utah!

Postby Frostfire » Fri Mar 05, 2010 5:03 am

Hi All! If any vegans end up in Moab, Utah in the next 8 months, hit me up and we can go climbing/hiking/cycling/4-wheeling! Moab is home to the "Slick Rock" bike trail, the city borders 2 National Parks and there is awesome climbing (boulder/sport/trad) just to name a few :D
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Re: Visit Moab, Utah!

Postby VeganLu » Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:18 pm

I live in New York, but my husband and I went to Kanab, Utah about 10 years ago. We visited Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Southern Utah is beautiful. We visited all 3 of the canyons, and also went to see the Grand Canyon on the Arizona side. The Utah side was still closed because it had snow. So we had to travel all the way to the southern rim in Arizona. We were so pissed because we thought we were going to go to the north rim. I want to go back again because we did not have time to walk to the bottom. We only did a 4 mile trail, but even that was beautiful.

P.S. Best Friend Animal Sanctuary was the greatest. I am overcome with tears right right just thinking about it.
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