South Manchester suburbs (Withington and Chorlton)

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South Manchester suburbs (Withington and Chorlton)

Postby spike » Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:32 pm

Urbangardener and I went for a wander over to Fuel in Withington for a coffee this afternoon.

Fuel is a sort of smallish cafe bar with a wide range of beers etc and decent coffee, also veggie food.
By the time we got there I was looking forward to getting some food as well.
Not a good start though, there were two customers sat at a table chainsmoking in the doorway so had to go through a cloud of smoke to get inside. Then I remembered that it must have been ages since I'd last been there because it had been really smoky the last time (before the smoking ban). That kind of put me off getting food because the smoke was blowing in from outside, but we thought we'd at least get a coffee and a juice. Alas, no soya milk today :(
The lack of soya milk and presence of smoke was too much so we decided to leave and see if we coudl get a bus down Mauldeth Road to try Battery Park in Chorlton.

As luck would have it there is a number 22 bus that goes from there to Chorlton once every hour and there was one due any minute!

I haven't been to Battery Park in ages either. They are a juice bar with food that is mostly veggie with quite a few vegan options (mainly based around houmous unfortunately). However there are a few other vegan things to eat including guacamole with sundried tomatoes and pine nuts on rye bread - this is Chorlton after all ;).

Two of those and two large smoothies came to £14 so it's not exactly cheap. The sandwich came with a little salad; iceberg lettuce, a slice of cucumber and tomato, but the balsamic vinegar dressing gave it some extra flavour. The food was tasty and very filling. The smoothies were delicious too.

By this time we were looking forward to our soya cappuccinos (it had been a good 3 hours since the last coffee ;) ) They had no soya milk! No soya milk in Chorlton?!? Urbangardener nipped out to Somerfield a few doors down and came back with soya milk, we asked again and got two delicious soya cappuccinos The guy was really friendly about it and bought the soya milk off us and gave us the coffees for cheaper. He siad he'd tried to get soya milk earlier but they didn't have any.

It was a bit crap that neither place had soya milk (could you imagine them running out of moo juice?) but Battery Park was totally smoke free and the staff were helpful and friendly that we didn't really mind giving them a bit of practical help with the soya milk.
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