Equals restaurant, Oswestry

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Equals restaurant, Oswestry

Postby ultra_whippet » Sat Apr 12, 2008 8:02 pm

Just in case anyone should find themselves in this rather remote corner of the UK (it's en route to North Wales, if you're ever heading that way).

I was quite excited to learn that a new Caribbean restaurant with veggie/vegan options was opening in my former home town of Oswestry (not known for having a huge veggie population), and I've just come back from trying it out for the first time. It's run by a lovely Carribean family who are apparently mostly veg*n themselves. There are plenty of options on the menu.
My starter was Plantain and Spinach Twirls (nice, but tiny portion).
For the main course I had Caribbean style curry. A few mouthfuls into it I got that dreaded sinking feeling as I bit into something with the taste and texture of lamb. Back went my dish, only for the cook to come out and explain to me that it was actually a mushroom-based fake meat (she even showed me the packet) and assure me that they would never make such a mistake being veg*n themselves. It was bloody uncanny though, even my omnivorous mum was convinced it was meat!
The best was yet to come though - they had been given advance notice that I was coming, and had gone to the trouble of making some vegan ice-cream for me - vanilla and nutmeg, probably the best vegan ice-cream I've ever had :D
About £20-25 for 3 courses & drink, not super cheap but well worth it, the staff are really nice and the music is suitably cool. I was so happy it wasn't even spoiled by my mum accidentally setting fire to her menu, twice :roll:
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