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Postby ned » Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:59 pm

After not managing to get back to the place in many years I finally returned to Croatia recently, more specifically Split.

Most the the time there (of which there was too little... but I shall return and hopefully later this year!) was spent wandering around with the odd stop for coffee/beer although I did insist on popping to the Ivan Mestrovic Gallery (an insistence for which I was thanked afterwards :)) and if you're ever nearby I thoroughly recommend it although I am a little biased there as he is quite probably my all time favourite sculptor > < If you do go, try and get to the Kastelet further along the road too as it is quite beautiful!

On a food note, if you like pizza all is good! So good that the person I went with said the last time he went to Croatia he didn't eat pizza back in England for 6 months afterwards as he thought there was no point in having something so inferior > < I particularly recommend Pizzeria Galija /nod /nod It was just so lovely not having to say 'without cheese' when ordering!

My digestion being what it is though it was a wise idea not to just constantly eat pizza so before going research was done and a restaurant found with a pretty extensive vegan menu - http://www.makrovega.hr - and, although the service was a little slower than hoped (we think that was likely because we ordered off the standard menu rather than the daily specials section) the food itself was very good! I had my fill of tofu (well, quite a bit anyway :)) whilst the person I was with stuck with the pasta (but then they're a thoroughly confirmed omnivore and tofu still scares them a bit :lol:) and I would thoroughly recommend the place.

Overall, incredible city and every intention of going back many, many, many times and spending an increasing amount of my life there. Maybe next time I'll even manage to catch a football game!
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