Damn it! Cafe One has closed!!!!1

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Damn it! Cafe One has closed!!!!1

Postby Man On Bike. » Sat Mar 29, 2008 10:22 am

Cafe One in Birmingham has closed. Not 100% sure about the reason (i.e. Whether they were forced to close by outside forces), but the good news is that they're supposedly re-opening in Broadway Plaza (the alley that links Chamberlain square with Broad Street). But! That's not gonna reopen for three weeks. And because it's closer to the centre of the city it'll be more expensive :( what am I gonna do without their delicious hot and crispy humous salad and felafel baguettes for a whole three weeks?! The place is a really good venue for music and stuff, they have yoga classes on week nights, and let people hire it for free for community projects and stuff. I hope they actually do reopen because they are a real asset to Birmingham - if Cafe one doesn't come back, all we'll be left with is overpriced, homogenous, corporate chain cafes like starbucks...
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