Genghis Khans - Manchester, UK - not recommended

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Genghis Khans - Manchester, UK - not recommended

Postby stefandang » Sat Mar 22, 2008 6:02 pm

Just to let you know I went to 'Genghis Khans' in Manchester (Chorlton Street) last Saturday for a friend's birthday. They have a unique style of cooking where you choose the ingredients (i.e. veg, spices, sauces) then they stir fry it on a large grill thing in front of you. It states on their website to mention to the chef if you're vegetarian - I imagine this is so they keep your food separate from any meat/fish meals that are being cooked at the same time.

So I chose my ingredients and when I got to the front of the queue, I made it very clear to them I was vegetarian. I watched a chef cook my meal - it was a little too close to the one next to it (full of meat/fish), that it made me nervous but nevertheless I was sure he would keep the two meals separate.

I went back to my table and after a minute of eating I noticed a large chunk of meat (or fish) in it. That made me feel sick so I didn't eat anything else after that. I would have complained there and then but as it was my friend's birthday I thought it best to keep the peace as it was her night (it was her favourite restaurant).

Instead I wrote a formal letter of complaint to the restaurant. Have I had a response? Have I ****

So the best thing is to warn other veggie's and advise to avoid this restaurant as they clearly have no respect for veg*n diets


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Postby tal » Sun Mar 23, 2008 7:38 am

i've been to mongolian barbeque before as well. they have a vegetarian option which they give you tofu instead which is nice, but they cook it on the same hotplate that the meat was cooked on... a bit gross

that's the traditional mongolian way of cooking.. not very vegan friendly. what i found tho at the restruant i went to was that they have a normal menu too where i could order tofu with veg and rice and it wasnt cooked on that hotplate. they confirmed it was cooked with non-fish sauce in seperate pans, so whenever we go back there i know i can eat which is good. does that place do something like that?

that being said tho, its pretty disrespectful to give you meat/fish when you've asked for vegetarian, but then again, some people don't understand or don't care. i figure it's their loss.
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Postby Hiking Fox » Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:21 pm

Caterers are supposed to take steps to avoid cross contamination of different foods wherever possible - eg. meat with veggie meals, fish with anything else, wheat with items marked 'wheat free' etc.

I'd suggest having a polite word with the local environmental health dept. I think you can email them via Manchester City Council website.

Oh, and thanks for the tip. I haven't been there because the name puts me off. I'll make sure I steer clear.
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