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Re: Vegan Hungary

PostPosted: Sat May 12, 2012 12:55 am
by TarekF
XkillerX (and anyone else that can help)-

Is it difficult to eat out at non-vegan places would you say? I am studying abroad and would still like to socialize a bit. I have never been a huge fan of going out to eat in preference for funner alternatives. But in case i get into one of those situations of going out to eat with a group of all omni people, would it honestly be better simply to decline?

Thankfully nepfaynes is right next to my university so i will probably make that place a staple.

You mentioned that ideally there are some traditional vegan options, but also implied that most people wont know what im talking about (and i dont speak hungarian). Would it be possible to ask for potato stew without meat, and how reliable would it be?

Also, i am definitely okay with a fruit/nut/vegetable meal as long as it is big enough. Also generally okay with having a big old plate of french fries.

Thanks in advance!