Vanilla-Spice Lentil Potato Stew!

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Vanilla-Spice Lentil Potato Stew!

Postby TarekF » Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:54 pm

So as i had my morning cereal (oat milk on grape nuts with flaxseed meal mixed in), i recalled how the flaxseed and oat milk binded together to make the cereal really thick, and for some reason it hit me! Why dont i make a lentil potato stew!

This recipe is from scratch with rough measurements because i was doing it as a test (it turned out really good too!)

Also, a note on the name, i was planning to use regular oat milk and use "indian" style spices. However i only had vanilla flavored oat milk. For some reason, i tried it anyway, and i think the vanilla really complements the spice. It is something i will try again in other spicy dishes. I dont know what it was but the sweetness of the vanilla along with the lentils and spices taste so right together.

Anyway, onto the recipe(ish).

1/2 cup of lentils
1 whole pre-baked potato
1.5 tablespoons of flaxseed meal (this is rough as i just poured some in).
Enough water to totally cover the lentils twice (again i just have made lentils so much that i know how much i need)
1/2-1 cup of vanilla oat milk (i probably used somewhere in between, but id start with a half and then just add more as needed)
Optional, olive oil

Spices (no measurements here)
Red Pepper (ground)
Garlic Powder (next time ill have real garlic)
Onion Powder (same as above)

I mixed these to taste and added as i went along.
Serves 1. Cook time 45 minutes (unless you have a pressure cooker or precooked lentils)

Instructions- Put lentils and water in a pot, start heating, add salt and some olive oil. Once you have them boiling add about 1/4-1/2 cup of oat milk. After the water/oat milk comes to a boil again, add the flaxseed. At this point i start adding spices as well tasting the broth as i go. Cut up the potato into chunks and now you can essentially let the stew cook for around 20 minutes, watching it in case you need to add more oat milk to it. This is a good time also to tailor the spices to your liking.

After the 20 minutes that is when i added the potato along with enough oat milk to cover the potato chunks and make it a bit more liquid. Also, added more spices to taste. Then you just have to check the lentils every once in a while until they are done. The broth should be very creamy and smooth and the spice shouldn't be overpowering (i think the vanilla helps mellow out the ground pepper).


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