love music hate racism double CD (free download)

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love music hate racism double CD (free download)

Postby ^toby^ » Wed Nov 07, 2007 1:49 am

Disk 1 Tracklisting:
Fear Killed The Youth Of Our Nation
The Enemy

Babylon's Burning The Ghetto
Lethal Bizzle

Racist People (Roll Deep Vocal Remix)
Roll Deep


Fireworks & Flowers
The View

We Need Love (Wrong Tom Mix)
Hard Fi

Hussel (Featuring Afrikan Boy)

Where Is Home? (Diplo Remix Featuring Skepta)
Bloc Party vs. Diplo

The Network's Going Down

If I…

Stone Me- What A Life!

If I Could Build You A Tower
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

Blank Heart, Blank Mind
The Charlatans

9 Lives
Dirty Pretty Things

Cartoon Music For Superheroes
Albert Hammond Jr

Disk 2 Tracklisting:
Can't Find The Door
Blood Red Shoes

Tristeza Maleza
Manu Chao

Who The Cap Fits
Mecca 2 Medina

Electro Livin'

Burn Faster
Nine Black Alps

Love Has A Diameter
Biffy Clyro

Ice Cream (The Hooks Remix)
New Young Pony Club

The Big Lie (Featuring Ian Mclagan)
Billy Bragg

Maximo Park

Statik- Summer Nights (Featuring Tom Paddington, Ears, Scorcher)e

Campaign Button
Fionn Regan


Cold Bread (Engine Room Demo)
Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit

Chest Boxing

"Featuring Babyshambles, Dirty Pretty Things and Helsinki tracks among others is now available for free download at:


As many of you probably know, we are distributing half a million of the empty CD sleeves (the idea being that you burn your own CD’s, print the artwork off the above site and then put them in the sleeve) to schools, universities, youth clubs, club nights and anybody else who wants them. Minimum order is 100. All the info about how to get them is available here: ... -students/

You can also now join LMHR as an individual member. It’s £12 and you get a free t shirt (normally £10) and a badge. Info in the banner at the top of our homepage here:

And if you would like to be an even bigger help, please feel free to put the whole of the above on other message boards so I can get back to distributing cd sleeves.

Many thanks

Alison x"
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