Training for my first Marathon & New to Veganism...

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Training for my first Marathon & New to Veganism...

Postby Lucyxolu » Fri May 14, 2004 2:43 pm

Hi Everyone,

My name is Lusia and I am new to Veganism and training for my first marathon. What a better place than this to ask all my questions and hopefully get some answers. :D


1. I only eat fruit in the morning till 12pm - I have acid reflux and this is the only thing that I have found will not give me acid reflux in the morning. :? A lot of races are early in the morning. Are there any fruits that would be better to put into my system before morning runs/races? I am particularly looking for fruits that will a) not make me sick in the heat, b) not make me hungry right away. Example morning ritual I have: All natural fresh squeezed OJ appx 8-14 oz's. Appx 10 am I have a serving of fresh fruit (orange, pear, or apple) mix and I munch on that until 12.

2. I have a camel back water thing...haahaa I used to put water down gatorade in it. However, I don't know if I can do that. I know I should stear away from foods such as dairy, whey, meat, fish, and gelatin products, but I am not sure on products that are drinkable. I am just consuming water now as I always have. I particularly use this camelpack for my trail long distance runs on Saturday with my running group.

3. Also, I food combine. Mix proteins with veggies and carbs with veggies, but never proteins and carbs together. It was easy when I used meat products to determine my protein, however, I wanted to ask yall if you could help me form a list of alternative sources of proteins. I know of that's about it. :oops:

I hope someone can help me. :shock:
Lusia :mrgreen:
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Postby Strix » Fri May 14, 2004 4:59 pm

Hi, Lusia! :)

Can you eat a sweet potato in the morning? It's a good carb for running :). Eaten alone, it will give you a good boost and you won't have to worry about combining problems. I know you said fruit is what works for you, but it might be worth a try.

Have you tried seitan? It is protein derived from wheat. It's in most all faux meats you find prepackaged in the refrigerated/frozen sections of markets.
Try some; there are some great vegan meat subs: sausage, sandwich meats, burgers, chicken, meatballs, etc.
Also, there is tempeh, also found in the refrigerated sections.
Beans are great too, especially lentils (which are fast cooking and easy to prepare).

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Postby Lucyxolu » Fri May 14, 2004 5:11 pm

Hi Strix,

Actually I have tried the sweet potato. A member in my running group suggested it to me, however, it gave me the burps followed by pain from burping. :oops: Thanks though. I am up to trying anything.

I just bought a book and it mentions that a lot (seitan). It even shows you how to make it. :) I will definitely take your list to the store with me and look for them. Is that available in any supermarket or just wholefood stores?

Thanks so much for your help. I was feeling so lost. :oops:
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Postby Mary » Fri May 14, 2004 6:20 pm

My favourite high protien tip is to soak a handful of almonds over night, rinse them, and in the morning whizz them up with fruit. Try mango, apricots or banana, or any other soft fruit that takes your fancy. If you just whizz up the almonds it makes a gorgeous milk as well, when you strain it through a coffee filter, or sieve, or summat like that.

I can't eat in the mornings either. Unless I run first thing. Then I am suddenly ravenous.

Congratulations on going vegan. :D Best thing you could do for your health - not to mention the health of the animals. Some world class athletes are vegan - like Martina Navratalova, who has been vegan for donkey's years.

Anyway, enjoy the forum, and tell me what you think of the almond smoothy. Try also sunflower seeds, hazlenuts, and so on.
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how to run faster

Postby prefab » Mon May 17, 2004 12:49 pm

martina coming out to play in the Open this year

run run run run fun fun fun tired?

lol--I'm on hiatus atm and have even chilled on my maintenance mileage.--Sadly down from 60miles/week to 60 feet of brick running after my bike lmao. So now for my recommendations muahhahaha--i'm gonna have your A--- in the sling so quick you won't believe it..

1) Buy a 2 liter of the most sugary caffeineted carbonated soda you can find
2) Add 20 oz soy nog
3) ketchup/salt/pepper to taste

Drink half the mix 30 mins before the run-rub other half all over body right before heading out-any leftover ketchup douse on head/neck emulate traumatic wound.

Ok so now you're ready-get your shoes on and head the door-grab a small hatchet if you have one nearby.

This is a great early evening/morning pickup run--the ambient light adds much more to your effect as a true hunter.
Do your normal warm-up of 1 to 2 miles this should allow a pretty sticky sweet bug infested goo to develop on your body. Similarly, neighbors will have had time to notify police of your presence clearly citing a gushing head wound and a small hatchet in your hand.

At about this time the pre run drink will kick in, you will have had your 100th mosquito bite, a black fly will be in your ear, the cops will be pursuing you, and medics will be wanting to put you on a stretcher and bandage your head.

This is when magic feet UNLEASH the power.

Run a few 400m to 800m intervals weaving through traffic or any sidewalk strip mall. REST in a special way by crouching behind not an inanimate object but rather something that is moving slowly. Feel free to swat bugs with the flat of your hatchet, and or while refueling with the now protein/carbo/vitamin sweat infused gel covering your body. Top off with ketchup from head to replenish salts.

Continue to evade police and any other naysayers to your free will to body paint and portray ancient hunting rituals.

You should be feeling top but a lil winded now so this is where I usually do my variation of the fartlek. Some people race cars, some people run fast between light poles/trees, I prefer to run from people (urban terrain preferred). This is paranoia-continue your run as the parade of naysayers is following you waiting to pounce and zip/lock/box you up. So now begin the challenge of getting home, but when you make eye contact or see someone you must run away from them at race pace until they are no longer in any line-of-sight. This goes for pedestrians people in cars etc. This is really hard because of the warpaint/power gel you wearing. If you wish to add an enforcing belief here this is a good time. I prefer "don't even think about it!!!" or Ketchup gives me strength and power!!!

Well that about sums it up--do a few cool downs by running any followers down so ill turned one way streets, toss the hatchet like a bridal bouquet, do a few cool down rocket high kicks to tear any remaining fibers. Soak legs in boiling water-fast the rest of the day. Marathon in the morning.

Just my pre-race routine.

j/k i'll come back with something worthwhile but this will still be better lol
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Postby Lucyxolu » Mon May 17, 2004 1:33 pm

Second. Are you referring to Martina Hingis? I thought she retired. Oh well, I hope the William sisters give her a big spanking...Can you tell I am a fan.
Third. Thank God you were just joking, because I wasn't about to create that concoction (sp?) and drink it. Let alone, run with ketchup on my neck during Cicada season. Ewww..those bugs are SOOOOO gross looking and HUGE!

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