Back in to Running after a Few Years

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Back in to Running after a Few Years

Postby Seb » Mon Jul 06, 2015 9:28 pm

I've been out of the loop with running for a couple of years... I was doing half marathons (slowly) back in 2011, then had a breakdown in 2012, gained a lot of weight back I lost and was on a lot of heavily sedating meds until a year ago...

I want to get fit again and I want to get back in to running, as whilst I was slow (dyspraxia, low muscle tone ect), I enjoyed it a lot and screw people who made assumptions that because I wasn't as fast as most people, doesn't mean I'm not doing it right. I've been out of the fitness loop for a while, due to night shifts and illness, but now I have a better routine have started again...

I'm starting back at the gym, using weights to build up strength and doing some cardio on machines, not too heavy for the first few weeks because I don't wish to overtrain... I plan on using a combination of spin class and outdoor running eventually, for cardio and to continue weights as well... I am cleaning up my diet, as I wish to lose around 30lb in fat to feel/look healthier and have more confidence.

Any tips on getting back in to things, or advice that helped you?

Also, I live in Yorkshire now and would love to get in to trail running, as the countryside is lovely here. Advice for beginners on that would be gratefully received...

Thanks a lot,

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Re: Back in to Running after a Few Years

Postby loveliberate » Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:02 am

I'm not a runner so I'll let the folks who know what they're talking about give you advice and just wish you well! :-)
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Re: Back in to Running after a Few Years

Postby soniczip » Tue Jul 14, 2015 9:52 am

Hi Seb. I don't consider myself an expert, but I would suggest to restart with a strong walking to running ratio and than invert it slowly and progressively, so as not to stress your joints to much right away.

Walk 40 minutes, run 5 / Walk 38, run 7 / ...

Also, be consistent! If you decide for 3 running sessions a week, never skip!

Keep a training log here, or in a blog, or even in a personal doc. Update your mileage, times, impressions, ...

Good luck :-)
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Re: Back in to Running after a Few Years

Postby jamesndawson » Tue Sep 15, 2015 6:17 pm

You're a lot more advanced than I am. I can't even imagine running a half marathon. I just recently upped my run to 4 miles. I recently did that at a 10 minute mile, which by my standards was very encouraging, though I know it's laughably slow by standards of much better runners. For some reason a 4.1 mile route I've been running has been about a 13.4 minute mile, but my route measuring system could be glitchy. (I used a dollar store pedometer.) I don't have any illusions about getting any faster. Strange, sometimes I feel I'm loping along at an impressive clip, full of energy, but it doesn't always translate into a better time, while sometimes I'm sluggish and the time's no worse than usual.
I am short so I think stride length plays a role, but I've heard that scoffed at as an excuse.
I'm pretty sure we can't all be elite runners or athletes, but I think it's better to do the best you can rather than nothing at all. Different people have different talents. I've always been very unathletic, especially in team sports, which I was worse than terrible at, but I'm glad I was exposed to them in school nonetheless. I just recently heard about dyspraxia, and I wonder if this is what I've had all my life.
Running will always be a challenge for me I think, both physically and mentally. At 57, with my joints in the condition they are, I wonder how much I should even be pushing myself.
Thing is, there will always be people who put you down and call you stupid or lazy, even when you're trying very hard. You just have to try to screen these people out and sift through the advice that's really helpful. Here's a link that may both irk and help:
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Re: Back in to Running after a Few Years

Postby andyO » Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:04 pm

Hey Seb,

Glad to hear that you're feeling better and getting back into fitness.

It sounds like you have a great perspective on getting back into running. You enjoy it, so want to do it some more. At all times keep that in your mind, run because its fun and do sessions you enjoy (there's plenty humdrum in life we have to do, so may as well enjoy the time we have to ourselves). That said, I find getting outside and, even better, off the roads is the best route to enjoying my running. When I run off-road I find myself grinning and feeling like a young kid again as I belt down the open hill sides. You live in Yorkshire, so why not see if there are any nearby fell-running clubs (or running clubs that do fell runs) that you can go along with for a few runs - you'll get a great introduction to running off-road and learn some nice routes in your area. Don't be put off by any perceived 'hardness' of fell-running, its not, in my experience the fell-running community is extremely friendly and welcoming and if it gets too hard I (and everyone else) just walk until the going gets easier. :)

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