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Running tips to max general fitness

PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:32 pm
by Technotiger
Hi! Haven't written here for a loooong time. Sorry for that, nice to see everyone ;)

I'd like to have some running tips.
Goals: improve speed, oxygen intake, (running) strength and technique.
Boundary conditions: one training per week, 45-75 min at once.
Background: good general fitness, able to run 7km in 45-50min with relative ease, other sports at least 3 times a week (bicycling, bouldering, freediving, bodyweight training).

What I have done so far: target distance decided beforehand, I try to focus on technique (pose running), try to max speed and min time within decided distance. If the time less than 45min, I increase target distance.

Thanks! :)