Quick Training Question

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Quick Training Question

Postby Bounce » Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:52 pm

Hiya... I have a quick question...

I've looked at some half-marathon plans and wonder if I'm over-training...

I'm a new runner (since March) and have been covering around 30 miles a week to train for my half...

For example, this week I'd run 18K tonight, 15-16K Fri and 20K on the weekend before tapering (my race is on 11th September).

Is this over the top for a newbie? I mean I am not dying or anything on the runs, but I don't wanna screw myself up...

Many half-marathon plans have much lower mileage and seem to say I need to go to the gym more, to cross train... I only go once a week, if I'm not too sore.

After my half marathon, I don't have anything until May (Brighton Marathon) and would like to drop around a stone in body weight... If I took down my mileage and threw in gym and maybe some swimming, would I still be able to do longer runs on a weekend and not suffer with becoming a poorer runner?

Sorry... Not really a short 'question'... But, ya know :p
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Re: Quick Training Question

Postby crapiecorn » Tue Aug 23, 2011 8:56 pm

I would say yes, not every run needs to be a long run. Definitely not for a half marathon. Maybe try to add some shorter half marathon pace runs and a few speed sessions.
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Re: Quick Training Question

Postby skoptic » Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:15 am

Hey Bounce :)

So there are going to be a fair few different 1/2 marathon plans out there but I think you're weekly mileage seems OK. It looks like you're doing a plan for an 'improving time' runner (i.e. not just a 'casual get round' type plan) .. which is fine for a beginner, if that's what you want and your body is dealing with it OK :)

Most semi-serious half marathon plans (not elite - just for people chasing better times) will list 5 or 6 runs per week .. and not mention cross training so there's nothing too wrong with just running. But having said that a cross-training session helps the body and reduces the risk of injury from overtraining (more of an issue when you're starting out) - I think you can add swimming and cross and still do long runs no probs. It's only when you start chasing really fast times that you need 6 runs or so per week. Again you need to balance your goals - fast times / weight loss / no injury!

With your weekly runs - rather than go 'long' on all .. most plans will make you do a speed session (fast shorter intervals), a tempo session (longer intervals) and a long run .. and then add some recovery runs around that. So it's not all about adding the miles .... other stuff will make you faster and give you different workout.

All this said and done.. you're not doing anything too wrong and only you can say if its over the top for a newbie! You're doing great mileage for someone who's only been running since March .. so listen yo your body, stay injury free and enjoy :)
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Re: Quick Training Question

Postby MikayP » Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:56 am

i would say 30 miles is fair, but not a huge fan that theyre just 3 runs total. would prefer it to be less mileage with 1-2 more runs during the week that are super light. es
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Re: Quick Training Question

Postby Konstantin » Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:13 am

Don't get hung up on mileage. You can do harder work, give your body more stress and train mopre effectively on short distances.

3 runs a week could be seen as too little, or it could be seen as too much, depending on what you're doing with them.

Bearing in mind that you have to be confident of completing the distance and be able to push up the speed, I would suggest that one long run a week of 10-13 miles would be good. Include a speed session once a week, this could be long intervals (eg 8 x 800m or 4 x 1 mile) or shorter ones. One of my hardest sessions is 20 x 100m followed by 10 x 200m. A total of 4k but damn hard if you push it. Or maybe some hill repeats. Then have another run that is neither long nor intense, maybe 6-8 miles at slower than race pace. You might want to throw in another run, cross training, or even step up to 2 speed speed session

It's important to listen to your body - you want to push those legs and make yourself work, but you can overdo it. If you're feelign tired and the legs are not recovered before the next long run or speed session, you probabaly did too much. Most runners have messed this up and turned up tired on the start line.
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Re: Quick Training Question

Postby ross88guy » Sat Aug 27, 2011 9:09 pm

You really only need to do one lone distance run in a week and then spend the other days focusing on cross training, intervals and speed training. Well that is the official line anyway - personally I think that you should do whatever works for you.

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