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Re: ultramarathon

Postby ha » Mon Sep 13, 2010 3:46 am

I find just eating one type of food during long events works best. I finished my 8th 24hr solo xc race in July and just had dates/bananas for the entire race. No stomach troubles.

I did a 56km trail marathon last year and treated it like a bike race by trying to keep with the leaders. I smashed my legs big time and almost didnt finish. If I started at a sustainable pace, I would have finished way up the front compared to way down the back. But I finished and thats what really matters. I will do my next ultra at a lot smarter pace and wind it up towards the end.

Ive looked at heart rate data from ultra marathons and 24hr xc races and the champs are always sustaining a low heart rate vs smashing it at the start and paying for it later and losing time.
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