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Has it been a good year for your training?

Yes, excellent!
Yes, good
No, abysmal!
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Postby City_of_F » Sun Jan 03, 2010 8:33 pm

Have you run well this year?

Just got started and managed to sprain my foot at Judo... I'm not planning on giving up though, just a little delay!

What was your best run?

So far, I'm not tracking mileage, but landmarks. I'll get around to tracking as soon as I can make it a little further. My current run has a lot of hills on it though, so I'm hoping this will help when I get a better spot to run on flat ground.

What else went well?

I broke down and bought a pair of running shoes. What a difference!

What are you hoping will improve in 2010?

I want to run at least three days a week with no excuses (the snow and ice has made it a little miserable to be out... but I need to suck it up).

Did you have targets, and if so, did you acheive them?

I was starting to get closer, then sprained my foot! I'll be back on the track in a month or so, and I'm trying to set aggressive, realistic goals.
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