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Postby VeganGraham » Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:47 pm

I've been watching this thread and may be interested, although I don't want to travel far unless there is a reasonable turnout.
After all, there were three of us in Vegan Runners vests at the Stourport 10k, a small, local club race in Worcestershire, only 8km from home.

[quote="ultra_whippet"]This series of races looks good too: Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series (various locations/dates)

Tee did the whole of that series last year, the run on the Saturday and the trailquest on the Sunday. I did one of the trailquests.
There's no mention of the trailquests for next year on their website, but if they are on, I may be interested in doing the run and trailquest on one weekend.
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