Table of running times?

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biking and running

Postby TriMe » Mon Nov 08, 2004 9:17 pm

I know that high cadence cycling is extremely helpful for running, as it doesn't build muscle power like low cadence does. It was my understanding that running helps you much more from a cardio standpoint. As in, if you can run a long distance, your heart and lungs are healthy enough that, if your leg muscles are in cycling shape, you can push them harder by getting oxygen to the muscles more efficiently.

So cycling helps running directly, and running cycling indirectly. Cross training always helps anyway because it targets different muscles.

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Postby Dave Noisy » Tue Nov 09, 2004 8:09 am

Aye, there are two basic ways of riding:

High cadence - where you've got a high RPM in pedaling, averaging over 100rpm, which is also aerobic

Low cadence - lower RPM, less than 90rpm

The big difference being that riding with a high cadence keeps you functioning aerobically, which basically allows your muscles to work with oxygen more, rather than depleting the glycogen. Let's your lungs share in the workload, rather than your legs pulling even more of the strain.

Where-as if you ride with a lower cadence, you don't allow as much help from your lungs, and your legs will depend more on your glycogen stores (and create more lactic acid. Which isn't vegan. Just kidding! ha ha ha)

As i see it, if you're not planning on having a high-cadence riding style, then running might do you a bit of good...but otherwise there isn't much it can offer that you can't get more effectively on the bike (and combined with time in the gym.)

I did a quick search to see if i could find any connection between Lance Armstrong and running, and found very little..

There was one neat story of a duathalon (run / MTB / run), where he was competing with a top MTB rider, and Lance beat him in the runs....which would be kinda weird if MTB is supposed to be good for running. (The MTB guy was behind Lance after the run, caught-up to and passed Lance on the ride, and then was caught again and passed by Lance on the run: ... n2003.html

I dunno for sure, but like i said, almost everything thing i've read says there's little these sports can contribute to each other at a high level. =)
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Postby Oak » Thu Nov 11, 2004 11:11 am

OK dudes,

I've put up the table of running times, that's one big empty table at the moment :lol:

I'm gonna wait at least until one other person puts up their times before i put up my 5k and 10k times.

If anyone is wondering an athletic track is 400m So once around and you've done the 400m. Should take a couple of minutes.

100m that's like a quarter the distance. C'mon all you powerhouses.

5k is just 12.5 around and 10k 25 times around.

Half-marathons and marathons are better done in race conditions i suppose. I know that there are some fantastic long distance runners on this board!

Maybe i should of put up the races one at a time? But from all the posts i've read. I've collected that veganfitness members have done all these.

So you can see how your running is coming along (has all that treadmill work done anything?) every couple of months.

Oak :D
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