Anke Brace---Which Work?

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Anke Brace---Which Work?

Postby jamesndawson » Thu Aug 11, 2016 8:00 pm

For about the past month or so I've been having a stiff left ankle, but not only that, some left knee, hip and leg pain. I do a physical job mowing lawns and walk miles doing it, so I know much of it's just over-use. I don't have any lumps, bumps or spurs or anything like that. Massaging the area I don't find any acute areas of pain.
I only run about twice a week, 4 to 6 miles each, but the last few times I've had to walk, limp, barely jog the last third or so of the route. It's got me down a little.
I do stretch but I admit I could do that better and more frequently. I read a little bit and it says you shouldn't run on pavement, asphalt, up or down hill, but that seems to eliminate just about every terrain available.
So what I'm doing is trying simple solutions first. I've bought some dollar store ankle braces but I don't know how much they've helped, if at all. I've looked on the Net but they range from about $6 to $80, if not more. Does effectiveness go up with price? Or are the expensive ones just over-hyped and over-priced? Has anyone here ever used ankle braces and do you think, if only subjectively, that they worked for you? How much did you pay for them? Did you run with them?
I understand copper and magnetic therapy are pseudo-science? Am I wrong?
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Re: Anke Brace---Which Work?

Postby athlegan » Tue Aug 16, 2016 10:24 am

Go see a physio if it's something recurring and/or ongoing. It'll be worth it in the long run and you'll get a hundred times better diagnosis than anyone online can give. :)

With that said, these are the general rules I've used (and been given by physios) to heal my own previous injuries and kinks:
- Definitely move about but don't aggrevate pain.
- Stretch and move your limbs through as big a range of movement as possible.
- Slowly ease your body back into doing what used to be painful movement patterns, now controlled, to relearn that they don't hurt.
- Realize that you're injuried and it'll take a while to get back. If you don't heed this, you'll never really fully going to come back.

As for the shoes, there are so many people with much more experience than me on here, but personally I have definitely felt a difference between $10 and $100 shoes. Not so much between $100 and $200. Guess it's diminishing returns?
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