Weak at the knees-love?

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Weak at the knees-love?

Postby Asleep on a sunbeam » Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:26 pm

I think I'm in love with my legs too much, because every time I exercise them I get weak in the knees :lol: .

This is all around the joint, but especially in 2 ways:
Just above the knee.
The tendon/ligament (can't remember what it is) that's on the outside of my knees.

I assume you're sitting right now, so to highlight what I mean, put your hand on your knee, move it to the outside of said knee, on the bottom outside corner start to move your hand up your thigh, for the first few inches you should feel a, erm, 'pipe' of tissue that you can push upwards.

When I do squats, if I go far down to my thighs being parallel with the ground, it clicks around, and after a few times becomes very painful.
Now to begin with, my hydration generally isn't fantastic, and I know that joints lose water first generally speaking, but even when I have been hydrated for days, I have still had this issue. I'm aware of issues with not being in line properly, so I'm doing it with a broom stick on the floor, my feet about shoulder width apart both in line with the broom, and I tense my...erm...bottom cheeks to make sure my hips are also inline. If there's anything else I can do to make sure my body isn't contorted then please let me know :) .

When doing 'lunges' (I'll explain exactly what I mean by that) I my knees easily become pained. Less so as I've been doing a few a day regularly, with a rest day every couple of days.
I've had one leg forward, with the front knee inline with the ankle, not going forward. The back leg has been far back enough for back of the foot to be fully up, with all of the weight in the front leg and only the ball of the foot and toes of the back leg on the ground.

I've then, whilst having a straight back, brought my torso directly down, held for 2 seconds, and brought myself up. It is the back knee in this that can hurt. Sometimes it's because my back leg appears to be 'too far' back, but sometimes it just hurts regardless. It is not the front knee that has been hurting.

Now one of my core (read: primary) aims is to get bigger legs, especially my thighs.

My plan at the moment is to continue on, and hopefully build up the muscle over time. I have a cheap cross trainer that I use for 15-20 minutes first to warm up.

Has anyone got suggestions for other exercises to build up the strength in my knees? Or to help my weight tendon/ligaments to stop moving when I squat/'lunge'.
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Re: Weak at the knees-love?

Postby silver » Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:30 pm

lying on the side with bent legs and raising the knees?
Going to see a physio and asking them is probably favourite though.
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Re: Weak at the knees-love?

Postby Lordmuppet » Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:20 pm

second that go see a physio :)
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